10 Spectacular Things That Will Convince You to Visit Himachal Pradesh Right Now!

Himachal Pradesh
10 Spectacular Things That Will Convince You to Visit Himachal Pradesh Right Now!

Scenic beauty, nature, snow-clad mountains, and refreshing environment, all these words, aptly describe the most beautiful place, Himachal Pradesh. Touted as India’s most popular tourist spot, it is known for naturally beautiful places such as high peaks, valleys, rivers, forests, etc. 

A hub to various hill stations, and spectacular nature, Himachal is a heaven for tourists. You can also hire affordable and cosy taxi service or tempo traveller from Chandigarh tour travel agency – Saini Tour & Travels to enjoy the much needed road trip. If you are also planning a trip to this amazing place, then here are certain things that will surely help cement your decision. 

10 Things that make Himachal a Traveler’s Paradise

  1. Get mesmerized by Shimla’s beauty– Nestled in Himachal, this place is a paradise for travelers. Shimla is popular for its natural beauty and snowfall; this place attracts thousands of tourists every year. The place offers natural beauty and is easily accessible via taxi or bus. 
  2. Explore the untouched beauty of Chail– Apart from the commercially famous tourist places, Himachal Pradesh still has natural beauty present in its true form. If you are a nature lover and are looking for a place where you can feel close to nature, you must plan to visit Chail. It offers a tranquil environment for couples. You are going to be mesmerized by the aesthetics of this place. 
  3. Invigorating Views from Auli- If you are an adventure-loving person and your partner is of the same league, then Auli is the right place for you. Enjoy the thrills of skiing and snowboarding. The fun doesn’t stop here; you can also enjoy the picturesque view of the golden hues of the Himalayas
  4. Enjoy the offbeat Locations – Often, when we talk about hill stations, our options are limited to a few, but the fact of the matter is that there are umpteen options to explore. The beauty actually vests in off-beat locations, and if you too are looking for one such option, then Himachal Pradesh gives you a host of options. One of the picks that you must add to your list is Khajjiar. Undulant landscape, mats of green bounded with the sheath of deodars, and the true essence of nature surrounds this place. If you are a person who loves to explore nature in its true form, this is the right time to plan your trip.
  5. Hog on the scrumptious food- If you are in Himachal, you cannot miss relishing pahari food. The food here relishes a true blend of taste and culture. If you are fond of spicy food, then Himachal won’t disappoint you. A major portion of their food includes rice, broth, lentils, and vegetables. 
  6. Give your adrenalin a boost– If you are looking for the best adventurous activities, then Himachal Pradesh will not disappoint you. You can enjoy hiking, trekking, and exploring landscapes. Bir-billing is the best place to enjoy paragliding. 
  7. Warm and welcoming people- Another noticeable feature of Himachal Pradesh is its people. They are friendly and welcoming by nature.  
  8. Shopping in Himachal– You will have a great shopping experience here. From beautiful shawls to handcrafts, carpets, Tibetan woodworks, and elegant jewelry.
  9. Explore the rich fauna and wildlife- Himachal Pradesh is also known for its rich flora and fauna. It is home to wild animals like black deer, musk deer, brown bear,  leopards and sambhars, and more.
  10. Temples and monasteries- This place is also known as the Abode of Gods. You can explore many beautiful temples and monasteries. Enjoy a tranquil ambiance and seek the blessing of the divine.

Besides, Himachal Pradesh is known for its vibrant fairs and festivals. So, if you are planning a trip to this place, then you must not delay. The best part is that you can reach Himachal Pradesh easily. There are connecting flights and trains, and if you want to enjoy a road trip to Himachal Pradesh, you can check out the options of the best taxi service offered by best tour travel agency in Chandigarh. Make sure that you choose the most trusted taxi service in Chandigarh from Saini Tour & Travels to make your journey a memorable one.