13 Reasons to Do this trek Hampta Pass trek


In the midst of the Pirpanjal Range in the Himalayan terrain, Hampta passes one of the most stunning experiences anyone can ever have during their lifetime. If your soul is awestruck by adventure, then a five-day trek up to Hampta Pass might be the perfect solution. The name of the trek comes from the stunning ‘Hampta Village situated in and the Pirpanjal Range at an altitude of 8,400 feet. Although these facts may not be enough to convince you to pack your bags and start planning a trip right away, we’ll provide you with 13 more reasons to send your heart racing with excitement.

  • Easy Accessibility

The starting point of your Hampta pass trek will be Manali that is easy to access from the capital city of Delhi. Manali is about 550 km away from Delhi, and it is possible to reach it using Volvo buses, local buses, and more. The trek begins at Chika (10,100 feet.), which is an hour of a trek from Jobra(9,800 feet.), which is just a two-hour trip from Manali.

  • Altitude

Happy birthday, fam! Come all together! This hike allows you to reach an altitude of 14010 feet. It may appear difficult, but the right angle of inclination and the distance of 28 km will make it more doable and less of an arduous exercise.

  • A small amount of money through payment time

In just five days of trekking and covering a distance of around 28 km, you can explore a variety of terrains, including four distinct terrains, from easy to challenging terrains, breathtaking wildlife and flora, and much more.

  • Moderate to easy approach

The trail is graded from moderate to easy. It is suitable for both beginner and veteran hikers to enjoy this unforgettable adventure. There aren’t any specific requirements or conditions to join this hike, so long as you’re ready to take on the trek with enthusiasm, then you’re good to take off!

  • Changes in landscapes

Hampta Valley is narrow terrain that is rich in views that are sure to be an absolute treat. The constant change of the landscape is the reason you are always interested. Rocky point vacation rental homes are the best place here to live. The View from your room’s window is so stunning and satisfying. The trek is filled with breathtaking waterfalls, stunning rivers, as well as a changing terrain, from thick woodlands in Chika to lush the flora of Kullu that leads to an exciting transformation into a desert in Lahaul valley.

  • Adrenaline rush triggered by the crossing of streams.

The crossing of streams is an essential element of the five-day hike. The crossing of streams can be difficult, but with enough determination and care, you will be able to succeed. However, that’s exactly what the Trekkers of India is specialized in. we offer the best-trained mountaineer guides who can assist you through all types of stream crossings and what there is any other need for assistance. Aiming towards completing the trek over freezing cold water, the stream crossing will give you the right amount of adrenaline to keep you going for the whole time.

  • A lush and diverse ecosystem

It is a dense and diverse flora with many colorful flowers. These vibrant flowers add to the splendor and beauty of this Himalayan trail. The trail is accompanied by attractive sheep, shepherd dogs, and a variety of birds. The dense forest that runs from Kullu to the deserted area of Lahaul valley creates a picture of the largest ecosystem.

  • Experience camping

Different campsites during your treks through diverse terrains can make it more thrilling. The first campsite at Jobra allows you to experience an awe-inspiring green forest. The second campsite in Jwara provides you with a view of beautiful flower beds. The third camp, which is Balu ka Gera has a more deserted approach that offers the first glimpse towards Hampta Pass. Finally, Shea Goru is located in the deserted landscape, but there is a green area.

  • Chandratal lake

Chandratal lake, also known for its moon-shaped lake, is one of the most stunning creations of nature. The lake in the alpine region is situated at 14,110 feet. The shape of the crescent of the water is the most popular attraction of a Hampta pass. If you are planning to visit Chandra Taal Lake by extending the duration of your trek to 5 days instead of 4, the final campsite is at Chatru instead of Shea Goru. Chandratal has located 45km from Chatru and is a major point that is popular with celestial body research because there has been UFO-related evidence. Therefore, the science-minded have an additional reason to visit Chandratal.

  • Hampta Village

As previously mentioned, the name comes from the stunning ‘Hampta village located within it and Pirpanjal Range. A visit there will provide you with a glimpse of the lives of the locals and connect you to the village through the history and the well-being of the village.

  • Terrain

With a variety of terrains, including large boulders, cascading waterfalls to desert zones, to thick grasslands, the region offers the visitor a variety of terrain to take on the toughest and challenging terrains. On the other hand, I enjoy being able to walk among the flowers.

  • Spiti, Lahaul Valley

Lahaul, as well as Spiti valleys, are located within the mother of the Himalayas tribal. The transition of landscapes into a desert after the lush greenery is a different dimension and metaphorical jet lag that one encounters. The cold, chilly winds that accompany it enhance the scenery.

  • An everlasting adventure

The type of experience that you have in five days allows you to keep the experiences as memories and put them in your “best memories gallery’ forever. There may be more than 200 treks that are part of the Himalayan range, but this one is never a disappointment and always holds its spot at the top of the trails that are located in the Himalayan trail.thrillophilia