3 Top Currency Pairs in Forex Market


The Forex market is the world’s biggest and most competitive marketplace, with a trading volume of about $1.5 trillion daily. It allows for currency exchanges among currencies of any two countries, and it supports large and small currencies alike. As a result, there are lots of different currency pairings available to exchange on the market. Even though there are numerous recognized currencies that can be used throughout the world, there is just a small number of currencies that are regularly exchanged on the foreign exchange market.

The need for trading currencies is mostly driven by the most financially sound and accessible currencies, which are in high demand in large amounts. The most actively traded currencies originate from a variety of different continents and are associated with a few of the largest and most powerful economies in the world. This article is exclusive to Graphene FX, stating the top 3 currency pairs in Forex Market!

These include the most important forex pairings. It is possible to trade eight main currency pairings, all of which include the United States Dollar. If it does not include the US dollar as one of its currency counterparts, the combination is not regarded to be a prominent currency pair. Because of the multitude and power of the U.S. Economy, the US dollar is by far the most frequently traded currency on the global financial markets.

What is a Currency Pair?

In the Forex market, currency pairings mean the official currencies of two nations that are linked together for trading purposes. The currencies of both countries will have a rate of exchange that will serve as the foundation for the trading position. 

Most of the trading in the foreign exchange market will happen by currency pairs in order to facilitate all aspects of the transaction, including buying, purchasing, and trading. Almost every country’s currency is capable of trading; however certain currencies link up more often than other types of currency.

Here are the top 3 currency pairs of the Forex Market.

1.                 EUR/USD

Since it symbolizes the pairing of two of the wealthiest parts of the world with the largest economies, the EUR/USD exchange has ascended to become the most commonly traded currency pair globally. In turn, it is impacted by the same variables that determine the value of the US dollar or euro in their respective relationships with one another and with other currencies.

The currency pair denotes how much of the quote currency, which in this case is the US dollar, are required to buy one unit of the base currency, which in this instance is one euro. Because the markets are relatively steady year-round, this pairing may indeed be considered one of the greatest currency pairings for forex scalping.

2.                 USD/JPY

In the currency market, the valuation of the USD/JPY exchange is stated as one United States dollar for a specific quantity of Japanese yen. For instance: If the pairing is going at 100, it signifies that one American dollar will be traded for 100 Yen.

In light of the fact that both the Japanese yen and the American dollar are extensively utilised as reserve currencies, the USD/JPY rate of exchange is among the most flexible and actively exchanged currency pairings on the global financial markets.

3.                 GBP/USD

In addition to being two of the greatest world economies, the UK and the US also have very stronger market links. GBP/USD is a pairing of the British pound and the American dollar, and it is casually known as “the Cable.”

Because of the constant fluctuation in value, currency exchange, and pip motions, this currency pair is regarded as one of the most volatile and unpredictable in the world. While this may result in significant gains if the broker is fortunate, it can also lead to significant losses if the currency volatility is strong during the hours of trading.

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