5 benefits of Buying Online Health Insurance in India


The past few years have seen a drastic increase in medical bill amounts. This is directly proportional to health-related risks. This has become a major hurdle in the way of people having access to health care, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. To tackle these issues, online healthcare apps have now partnered up with health insurance providers to make it easy for you to select and buy a policy for you and your policy.

Research shows that 49 million internet users have preferred shopping for their needs through online apps and websites. This type of rapid expansion has also prompted insurance providers to go digital. With the help of so many apps available, you no longer have to depend on a middle agent or financial advisor to help you get insurance.

Insurance helps you deal with medical emergencies and also open doors to the best medical treatments without you having to touch your precious savings. To buy an insurance policy, all you need to do is fill a form on the app and make the payment through a credit or debit card or net banking.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind while buying a health insurance policy:


  • Time-Saving

Buying a health insurance policy online ensures that you no longer have to visit insurance offices or speak to an agent in person. You can select, buy and pay for a policy directly online, saving precious time. This also saves you any unwanted influence of agents or one particular insurance provider.

  • Easy Comparison

Comparing policies from different providers is important as it shows you which policy is best for you. This process is a lot easier to do online than on paper. There is detailed information available on all insurance providers’ websites and apps. Some apps allow such comparison all together with the help of filters.

  • Ready Information

You can access all the required information for the policy round the clock on the app or website. You can get information related to benefits that are covered under the policy, any exclusions, policy quotes, etc. This ready information makes it easy for you to choose and compare policies and gain a better perspective about health insurance policies available for you and lead to a good decision.

  •  Instant Coverage

When you purchase health insurance online, you get instant investment proof which activates your coverage immediately. The transaction process is easy with no lags. Along with being simple and fast, it is also protected and safe.

  • Policy Documents Safety

The older generation insisted on keeping multiple copies of the insurance policy so that if misplaced, the copy would come in handy. Getting a duplicate copy from the insurance provider can cost money and be inconvenient. You can easily avoid this by purchasing your policy online through an app or website so that you have a soft copy available with you at all times.

  • Customer Service

Imagine having to hold the line for hours to get an agent to speak to you regarding a simple issue on your policy. You don’t even have to think about that now. Online insurance policy providers offer online assistance and customer support to providing you with the best help possible. These executives are highly trained and experienced individuals who can resolve your issues promptly.

Essentials Of An Health Insurance Policy

  • Number Of People Covered

Every insurance policy is different and you need to make sure that your policy covers everyone you want to. For instance, employer health insurance policies cover you but may not cover your dependents. Always check for how many people are covered under a policy before you buy one.

  • Co-Pay

The main aim of a health insurance policy is to provide maximum coverage against any health-related expenditure. However, this may not be the case with some policies that cover only selected things. Other expenses may have to be paid for by you. These clauses need to be paid attention to.

  • Employment Status

Your company’s health insurance policy for you will be valid only for the time you are a part of the organisation. The moment you leave the company, your health insurance policy will also cease to exist. This is why you should always have an extended or separated policy for you and your dependents that is not affected by your employment status.

  • Room Rent Coverage

Some insurance policies do not cover hospital room rent charges and have to be borne by you. This rent-charge can go up to a few lakhs if hospitalisation extends beyond a couple of days. This is why you need to make sure that hospital room rent is covered under your policy along with any extra charges for doctors or medicines for maximum coverage.

  • Post-Retirement Coverage

One of the biggest disadvantages of some policies is that they don’t cover you after your retirement, which is when you mostly need it. Medical complications and any related financial expenses can cause a burden on you and your family if your health insurance policy doesn’t cover you post-retirement.

Looking at today’s pandemic situation, having health insurance is a must. Many insurance providers are offering the best policies in the market. The other good thing is that these policies can be bought online for convenience and transparency. Head to Bajaj Finserv Health App to purchase your health insurance policy now.