5 Best Ideas For Creating Embroidery Logo Design On Apparels

embroidery logo designs

Branding is one of the most important things that every company has to do. The branding technique adopted by the company will decide what kind of first impression will be created on potential customers. Logo plays a vital role in the branding of any company, group, organization, or sports team. The process of branding will not just display your brand logo, but also display your company’s values and culture. The logo design and font type can affect the overall message that you want to deliver to your potential customers. 

With the advancement in technology, beautiful and effective logo designs can be created easily. The business owners should giveaway custom embroidered t-shirts to their potential customers as a branding effort. The sports team should embroider the team logo on their jersey to distinguish their team from others and build their own identity. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss a few important factors that you need to consider while creating embroidery logo design on apparels:

Colors Of Logo

Due to the availability of advanced technology, there is no restriction in choosing the color for logo design. You can design a logo with hundreds of colors swirling around it. Well, it is possible to sketch logo design with enormous colors, but it is difficult to convert them into embroidery designs. If your logo will have too many colors then it will be quite difficult to reproduce it. Therefore, you should choose the colors of the logo wisely.

Sometimes, just simple strokes with the pen can create a perfect logo for your brand. If there will be a limited number of colors in the logo design, then the embroidery machine can quickly complete the process with fewer interruptions. Every time when a new color is added to the designs, the embroidery machine has to stop and start the process again.

It means that the complete embroidery process will take longer than usual. There are various logo designs that look brilliant on the sketch, but they cannot be reproduced with embroidery techniques such as drop shadow. Have you ever saw an NFL embroidery design? It is the crispy, bold, and beautiful logo of a sports team. It has limited colors, but it is amazing because it is capable to convey the brand identity.

Bold And Simple Logos

When it comes to color, you may feel a little bit disappointed due to limitations. But, it is quite beneficial for branding purposes. You should design a simple and bold logo for your brand so that it can leave a good first impression on customers. Simple logos can be easily recognized by potential customers and they help in increasing future sales.

When it comes to the logo, you should always try to design a bold and simple logo. The embroidery design may not be as clean and cut as the printed design. But, embroidery can add depth and texture to your design. Thus, the embroidery design helps in reflecting good value, high quality, and good prestige.

Avoid Too Many Details

It is a good idea to have a unique logo design. But, adding too many details will never help you to achieve the perfect design for a logo that can be embroidered. A logo design that is extensively complex will damage your brand, especially if you have to embroider this design.

Along with the color of your logo, you should also consider paying attention to the intricacy of the design. The stitches of thread cannot be as thin as print. Therefore, embroidering too much-complicated design is not an easy task.

Size Of Logo

One more important thing that you need to consider while creating a logo design for embroidery is the size of the logo on the garments. While choosing the size of the logo, you should make sure that it is not too large or too small. Also, you should make sure that the details of the logo can be easily recognizable on the selected size of your logo.

It is recommended that you should consider taking the help of professionals while designing a logo for your brand like NHL embroidery designs. They will help in creating a perfect logo design for your brand and also embroider it professionally. You can ask them to show the sample before placing an order in bulk. Usually, the size of the logo falls between the ranges of 80 – 100mm (width).

Select Logo Font

The latest technology software is available in the market that helps in creating attractive embroidery patterns for the logo. This software can automatically generate a stitching pattern for pre-existing fonts.

If the font is pre-existing, then it can be easily pass-on and it can be embroidered without any problem. In case, you choose the lesser known font, then you have to do more work and incur high cost. It is very difficult to replicate a font that is not pre-existing.