5 Situations When you Need Emergency Dental Care


Most of the time, dental care is not included in emergency healthcare situations but some oral issues need urgent medical care. In such situations, you won’t need to wait for a week or two before consulting a dentist. 

Emergency dental care can sometimes be more expensive than a regular appointment. So, it’s better to know what to choose and when to choose. Below are 5 situations when you might need emergency dental care. 

1. Persistent Toothaches

You may be thinking that toothache is nothing more than an everyday problem, but let us clue you in. All toothaches are not equal. Some of these can be easily treated with home remedies and over the counter medicines, and pain relievers. 

However, some toothaches are really problematic and they can cost you many sleepless nights and uncomfortable days. It is best recommended to consult an emergency dentist in this situation, so the situation can be answered accordingly. 

2. Damaged Teeth

There are many ways your teeth can be damaged. Most of the time, it is due to acidic foods and sugary beverages. However, often your teeth can be broken or chipped due to cavities or accidents. These complications, if not addressed properly, continue to grow and result in more adverse effects. 

Fractures in broken teeth continue to grow until they reach the pulp chamber. As a result of this, the nerves become exposed to the outside environment and get prone to bacteria and other microorganisms. 

3. Severe Bleeding from the Gums

One of the most adverse dental emergencies is severe bleeding from the gums or teeth. In this case, you will have to rush to the dentist and see what the real problem is. Most of the time, it is caused due to infected gums, but it can also be caused due to accidents or injuries. 

In either case, you should control it before it becomes more problematic. Infections are usually started inside the gums and are spread to other areas. The same is the case with other gum diseases. You will have to timely cure them to get rid of chronic problems. 

4. Injury to Soft Tissues

Most of our facial skin is made of soft tissues, and they are often subjected to injuries. These tissues include lips, gums, the inside of the cheeks, and the tongue. Small harm to these tissues can result in serious injury, and you will have to call your dentist right away. 

In some cases, you will need an emergency dentist, while in other cases, you may need to visit an emergency room. 

5. Tooth Loss Due to Accidents

Most people lose their teeth due to accidents or sports injuries. This situation is categorized as an emergency situation, and you will need an emergency dentist to see to your condition. Sometimes, there will also be an injury to the gum tissues and nerves. 

These are some of the conditions in which you may need an emergency dentist to help you through any adverse condition.