5 Tips To Make Your Board Game Box Eco-Friendly

board game box

Board games are just the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family and friends. They provide you with a perfect medium to kill time and take a break from hectic schedules. Packaging is essential to keep these games safe from all damaging factors till they are in your hands. All the board game manufacturers are looking for functional packaging designs that can help them ensure the integrity of products. Cardboard board game box packaging is perfect as it is highly sturdy and keeps the risks of damage away from products. They can also be printed in creative and innovative graphics to promote the products and their sustainable nature.

The Necessity Of Design

All the products in the market are vulnerable to various factors depending upon their sensitive nature. The risks of physical impacts, dust, bacteria, moisture, and mishandling are always high and can greatly damage products. It is always crucial for product manufacturers to ensure the integrity of products in a better way. None of the consumers will ever wish to get damaged board games at any cost. Businesses need to use a sturdy board game box that is functional to keep risks of damage away. They can use packaging manufactured of the sturdiest Kraft and cardboard materials as they are best to minimize risks of damage. They are perfect for minimizing the risks of damage and can also be printed in unique graphics to promote the products. This packaging design is also best due to its sustainable nature and the ways it helps to minimize carbon emissions.

How To Make Packaging Sustainable?  

Sustainability is surely one of the most important elements that businesses now consider while selecting packaging. The risks of global warming are now at a peak, and there is an immediate need to shift to sustainable and renewable packaging designs. The packaging used in the past was made with non-renewable materials, and it greatly added to the carbon footprint of the industrial sector. It is now essential for brands to use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions that can be used for a long time. The demand for cardboard and Kraft board game box in Australia is now rising as the materials are perfect in sustainable nature. These boxes have the ultimate ability to keep risks of damage and contamination away from products along with their recyclable nature. Here are some of the innovative tips for you to make your packaging more sustainable and fulfill your corporate social responsibility.

The Appropriate Size Of Packaging

When it comes to making your packaging sustainable, it is always one of the most important points to consider the number of materials you use. It is common to see small products in the market that come in big boxes. It is always frustrating to open such packaging along with the disappointment it provides. Using oversized packaging also results in damage to products as products are vulnerable to physical impacts. You should always minimize the number of materials used in packaging as it helps to keep carbon emissions low. Use adequate shape and size for board game box wholesale to minimize carbon emission. Moreover, using the right sized packaging also helps to protect products well along with minimizing the cost.     

Consider The Materials Used

It is not merely the shape and size of packaging that impacts the sustainability of packaging but also the materials you select. Always prefer materials that are a balance between sustainability and versatility. Cardboard and Kraft materials are best for the process as they are perfect for protecting products and can also be custom-made in any desired shape and size. It is also important for you to consider the right thickness of packaging. All the materials come in various thicknesses ranging from 10pt to 28pt. You should always consider the sensitive nature of products and shipping requirements to select the right thickness for board game box subscription packaging. Never use extra thick materials as they can increase the shipping cost along with carbon emissions.   

Use Organic Printing Dyes

Printing is surely among the most important elements of any packaging design. It is on the printed graphics to enhance the appeal of products and persuade consumers to make a purchase action. One of the biggest challenges with printing is to select the right dye. The printing dyes used in the past contained hazardous chemicals that destroyed the surrounding environment. Chemicals from the printing dyes contaminated natural water sources and made the situation worse for marine life. It is necessary for you to always select organic printed dyes made with soy-based extracts. They are not only best to minimize the risks of damage but also help to provide vivid visuals to communicate the message.  

Mono-Material Approach

It is also important for you to never mix different materials. Fusing paper stock and plastic or even different types of paper stocks can make the recycling process difficult. You should always consider the use of single material in a custom board game box to ensure the sustainability of packaging. Never use two or more materials together if not necessary, as it consumes a lot of energy during the shredding process. Moreover, you should also use the OPP and PE laminations only if necessary due to the sensitive nature of the products. The OPP and PE laminations are highly difficult to separate from the cardboard, and it can make the packaging non-recyclable.      

Prefer Recycled Materials

Another way of ensuring the sustainable nature of packaging is by ensuring the use of recycled materials. It is crucial for your brand to always limit the use of virgin materials in an attempt to minimize carbon emissions in the best way. Cardboard, Kraft, and Bux board can be used for a long time, along with their recyclable nature. The long fibers of materials enable them to be recycled more than 7 times. Always prefer the use of recycled materials for custom board game packaging as it helps to keep carbon emissions low. It is highly easy to use old materials for new packaging than using new resources.

We can conclude that making your packaging sustainable is highly easy than you think. You just need to consider the materials used in packaging along with using the right packaging strategies. Using sustainable packaging not only helps you minimize carbon emissions but also assists well to save money on packaging.