5 Tips you should follow when choosing the Funny T Shirt

Funny T Shirt

The problem may be your text if your funny T-shirts looks funny. Your t shirt should make others happy instead of making them laugh out loud. No matter how fantastic you choose your cool shirt design, your shirts will always look unprofessional if your wording is improperly made. But fear not! But don’t be afraid! You may rapidly transform those amateur custom t shirts into flawless, polished funny t shirts for bus driver work with these 5 professional trends by professional graphic designers.

  • Be careful to your selection that supports your message when selecting the font for your t-shirt text. You can, for example, select a typeface that has joy to it, if you design a comical t-shirt. And you probably wouldn’t want to use that typeface with letters shaped like cats if you’re designing a t-shirt for a serious legal business.
  • The gap between letters and words is usually a little bit irregular and often a bit too broad when the font text is typed into a computer program. This additional and unequal gap not only makes your content appear somewhat unprofessional and uncomfortable, but makes it considerably harder to read because the words are not visually united. The eye and brain must work a little harder, even if the viewer doesn’t realize it, and that additional difficulty provides the viewers a sense of unconcern.
  • The next critical step is to change the distance between the words, once the letters from a slogan are correctly tracked and kerned. The adjustment of word distance is very much like tracking and kerning – actually it’s done exactly the same way as kerning and really is just kerning spaces between words instead of letters – but the rule of thumb is a little different to proper word spacing and word spacing is a complete step towards itself.
  • The lead or “space between lines of text” is another area where new shirt designers are typically inaccurate. Leader — pronounced as the metal “leader” instead of a “leader” who takes people everywhere — dates back to the days of the printers when people are going to make vertical space between the lines of their kind using small thin parts of lead. Computers are naturally handling us the lead these days. Sadly, often they handle things poorly when it comes to t-shirt text.
  • Phrasing is about a T-shirt designer breaking text lines and is yet another part of the good T-shirt design which is often disregarded. Many rookie designers will simply enter their text as large as they wish, and pay little attention to the words on which the lines finish and how the line breaks effect the reading of the t-shirt. This typically leads to a t-shirt that reads badly and feels amateurish.

After using the 5 secrets of the T-shirt design specialists, you will find your tees for truck driver lot better and more professional than it was in the beginning. Sadly, you will also likely realize that for so long you stared at your work, it’s tough to measure its improvements correctly. That’s the T-shirt artist’s life! But don’t panic! But don’t panic! The experienced graphic designers have a few extra techniques to handle this professional threat.