6 Perfect Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dubai

Girl going on the boat in Dubai marina

Dubai has been acknowledged as a city of dreams, with opulent locations and magnificent landmarks to spot around the location. Couples and partners can also enjoy the Dubai outing and explore scintillating locations for a cherished time here. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and couples are thronging to the Dubai location to enjoy quality time with each other. Various food courts and lounges are available around Dubai, offering continental cuisine and traditional delights. Let us check out the six top places to enjoy the Valentine’s Day occasion here in Dubai, discussed below for the readers.

6 magnificent locations for couples to explore on Valentine’s Day here in Dubai

There are numerous locations for couples and partners to enjoy here. The Valentine’s day party Dubai offer several such places and the six important ones are articulated below for informational aspects.

Romantic Evening Dhow Cruise

Visitors coming to Dubai during the Valentine’s Day occasion can enjoy the romantic dhow cruise ride along the Dubai location here. The dhow cruises are conducted around the Dubai Creek region, which offers visitors lavish activities to conclude here. Couples and partners can enjoy their quality time onboard these cruises and relish the 5-star delicacies served here. Individuals can enjoy their time witnessing the mesmerizing locations with lighting decorations around them. Candle-light dinner options are also available for couples and partners here.

Rent a yacht (small one, 33 feet)

Couples and partners opting to visit the Dubai location during the Valentine’s Day occasion can enjoy their quality time together while renting a yacht here. The yachts are basically small ones that extend to around 33 feet in length and are best for couples to enjoy sightseeing and other activities. All the yachts can be rented around the Dubai Marina location, which offers mouth-watering meals and treats for visitors here. Couples and partners can check out the mesmerizing views of the Persian Gulf here and also cherish the Dubai skyline in the distance.

Go for a private desert safari.

Another important activity for couples and partners to try during the Valentine’s Day occasion is to opt for a private desert safari along the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve region. Individuals can enjoy the magical sights of the Dubai sunrise or sunset here and participate in thrilling activities like dune buggy riding, sandboarding, dune bashing, and camel rides through the desert region. Afterward, guests and couples are escorted to private Bedouin-style camps within the desert region and served lip-smacking platters and refreshments. Couples can also enjoy a BBQ campfire, Tanoura dance shows, and belly dance performances around the Dubai desert location.

Dinner at Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is another prominent destination for couples to enjoy around the Dubai location. Various lounges and lavish cafes can be found around the location, serving palatable dishes and succulent desserts. Couples and partners can also enjoy dining at the At.Mosphere location available on the 122nd level of the towering complex here. The wonderful ambiance within the lounge, along with soft tunes playing around, can simply uplift the mood here. Couples and partners can enjoy dining during the evening here and check out the gorgeous landmarks around the premises.

Enjoy a hot-air balloon ride.

Dubai has been acclaimed as a city for romantic activities, and one of the best ones to participate in is the hot air balloon Dubai here. The rides are conducted during the morning hours and start with a view of the Dubai sunrise here. Couples are taken around 4,000 feet in the air on a hot air balloon and are made to witness the marvelous landmarks around them, along with the magnificent Dubai skyline. Couples can spend a cozy time here while having a bird’s-eye view of the vivid wildlife and locations from the top.

Scuba diving along the Persian Gulf

Couples and partners looking to enjoy a thrilling time around Dubai can participate in the scuba diving activities conducted around the Jumeirah Beach location here. Professional instructors are there to accompany the visitors around the ocean floor here and check out the amazing aquatic creatures with colorful fish and corals around. 30-minute scuba diving sessions are conducted for the couples here while wading 40 meters below sea level. All professionals present here are PADI certified and can assist divers during their scuba diving activities here in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

In summary, these are the top 6 places to enjoy Valentine’s Day here in Dubai and witness the scenic sights around. Couples and partners can enjoy their quality time together and cherish memories at the location for days to come. It is advisable to check with the authorities regarding the availability of the activities before landing at the location here in Dubai.