6 Reasons we might feel Restless & Unmotivated (Afraid to Chase our Dreams).

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Thousands of people set goals at the start of the year.

But unfortunately, some of us give up on our goals halfway through the year, and we continue to live a monotonous life. The main reason behind giving up is not getting enough motivation to keep us on track. If we want to accomplish something but feel tired and unmotivated then we should sort out the things that make us feel dull.

Here are some of the reasons for our restlessness and lack of motivation behind chasing our dreams:

Pursuing many goals at once.

When people say we can achieve whatever we want in our life they do not mean that we can achieve all the things at once. If we want to achieve many goals, then we need to accomplish them one by one. We may feel unmotivated and restless if we are working on too many things at once. If this happens, we have a high chance of failure which will only make us feel frustrated. Therefore, we must set our intentions wisely. Avoid multitasking. We have better efficiency and productivity doing things one at a time, which will give us more chances of success.

Lack of true passion.

Many people hate their job. It may be because of a low salary or heavy workload. But deep inside, the truth is they lack true passion for the work they do. If we are passionate about our job, no task can make us restless, and we will not be bored doing it. Try to find a job you like, then do it with full efficiency.

Negative perspective about our life.

When we face failure, we are bound to reevaluate our life. We ask questions about our abilities and ambitions. A feeling of restlessness will automatically arise in our mind if we feel we have wasted our past and didn’t achieve our goals. But we should always focus on the present with the hope for a better future. It would be best if we did not waste time evaluating, and thinking about, our past. Instead, focus on what to improve and take those steps toward a better future. It will also motivate us to work harder in the right way.

Lack of self-confidence.

In life, when we face failure, it is common to think that we are not good enough. The best way to cure this problem is to make a list of your small victories and accomplishments. It will not only lend you a helping hand in moving through difficult situations, but it will also reduce the chances of self-doubt in the future. Recall and focus on your abilities and try to be motivated. Remind yourself of your abilities—you know a lot of things that others don’t. Always try to see yourself as a source of inspiration without doubting your strengths.

Depending too much on others.

In some cases, depending on others can be good. But if you are too dependent on others it can kill your creativity, and you will not be able to learn things easily. Do work your way, because when you do it right without taking help from others, you will become more confident.

Experiencing burnout.

Burnouts happen when you are emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted because of excessive or chronic stress. The main cause of this situation is when you try to achieve something quickly or work overtime. Too much stress is not good for our dreams. It is essential to have proper rest, and this is only possible if we have a good schedule. Stress decreases our efficiency and willpower.

Feeling restless and unmotivated is common; it comes from the way we chase our dreams. In today’s world, competition in every field is high. Never try to please others by taking on too much; it can hamper our health.

It is in our hands to manage our lives in such a way that we can crush our goals.