6 Tips For Responding to Negative Reviews on Social Media


Having a Social media profile comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We all know about the massive potential it holds for reaching out to a larger crowd. But have you ever faced any backlash in the form of negative reviews and comments on social media platforms? If yes, how did you address that issue?

Well, this article is all about how to respond to negative social media comments effectively.

Responding to negative comments on social media has always been a very tricky affair for both the individuals as well as the companies using social media platforms to promote and advertise their products. 

Especially for the companies, having negative product reviews and complaints can prove to be a huge setback. Sometimes it becomes so nasty that it brings detrimental effects on their overall brand image and value.

Everyone has a voice in today’s world and you can not stop anybody from expressing themselves. Pertaining to this, your consumers’ voice on social media platforms can bring both cheer and chaos depending upon the positive or negative comments and reviews.

In this era of Digital Marketing, customers are free to give their opinion based on their past experiences in the form of product reviews, concerning complaints and comments which can either be negative or positive, and as an organization, you have to accept all of these to bring improvements in future products or services.

As a company, you can not deny or delete these negative comments on Social Media so the only best way is to learn how to handle negative comments on Social Media amicably.

Moreover, a negative buzz in the form of negative comments on Social Media platforms goes a long way and carries a very heavy burden on the shoulders of the organizations thus calling for quick action. 

Therefore, how to deal with negative comments on Social Media becomes a massively important issue that should be handled properly with utmost care without wasting much time.

Since you cannot just erase nasty and negative comments on social media, you must better focus on the next best alternative, which is, how to manage negative comments and reviews on social media platforms.

So, here, we’ll take a brief look at a couple of the top review management solutions to help you with this task of responding to social media comments.

6 tips For Responding to Negative Reviews on Social Media

  1. Take Note of the Remark

Customers that leave nasty and negative social media remarks tend to narrate their whole story behind that negative review. Take the effort to find out what exactly the problem of the customer is and what makes them unhappy. 

Going through the entire background story might take a hell of a lot of time, but it is actually very crucial to go to the depth to find out the exact problem, only then can you offer a solution to that problem. 

  1. Take Quick Action

Negative remarks that go unanswered may drastically harm your brand. The ultimate objective here should be to quickly respond to the issue effectively within one business day or less.

An organization should have professional Social Media Management skills to address such issues who are directly responsible for monitoring your social media accounts on your behalf.

  1. Don’t shy away from apologizing 

Always put the consumer first even if you disagree with the consumer, you must apologize. This is the first step towards resolving the disagreement.

If your firm was embroiled in a media controversy and received dozens of unfavorable news stories, negative comments, and poor reviews, a representative from your organization must publicly apologize on behalf of the company.

There is no harm in apologizing sincerely, in fact by apologizing and feeling sorry you are actually making a big effort towards building a long relationship with the customer that will be based on honesty and trust which invariably goes a long mile.

  1. Never Reply with a Negative Remark 

It’s normal to want to protect your brand by adopting the same tone if a comment or review is particularly harsh and nasty. But replying back in the same negative tone will not help you in any way, in fact, it will make you sound insensitive and rude.

Try to be humble and respectful in every situation to win the trust and confidence of the customer.

  1. Always be courteous

I agree it becomes utterly difficult to remain cool in the face of such unpleasant situations and nasty war of words. 

But keeping your cool and being courteous can do wonders for you to save your brand.  

Even if your angry customers indulge in this ugly show of bad words as this will not help you to resolve the matter in any way.

Instead, you must take the responsibility to never let go of your cool and always be humble and polite while responding to negative comments on social media.

Being polite is very important in handling the issue of how to respond to negative social media comments because you never intend to lose your present customers. You can get assistance from an expert or you can also enroll in a Digital marketing Course to learn these skills.

In case, your regular consumers witness you being disrespectful to other customers, they will have a negative image of your firm. So, Please keep your true feelings hidden and respond as politely and friendly as possible.

  1. Provide a Perk

This is a very useful tip and the most crucial thing to keep in mind while responding to negative comments on social media as it helps in converting an angry and dissatisfied customer into a loyal customer in the long run.

In case, the consumer is not happy and content with your responding answer or if they have a compelling case, please offer them a discount or voucher to demonstrate your care and concern. Your offer should be sufficient to entice the consumer to return back as a happy, satisfied and loyal customer.

This trick of pleasing a dissatisfied and angry customer by offering him tempting perks and incentives has huge advantages in the long term to maintain loyal customers. 

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to respond quickly and appropriately to unfavourable negative reviews and comments on social media, but it is also critical to know how to manage negative comments on Social Media.

Keep an eye on what people are saying about your brand on social media if you want your firm to prosper. Respond to each and every remark in a positive and polite manner to maintain the customer base.

Remember that if handled properly, unfavorable negative remarks and comments can also turn out to be in your favor by converting a grumbling and dissatisfied customer into a happy and loyal customer.

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What tips can help you in building your online reputation?