A good home inspection should pay more


Home inspectors are very responsible. Home buyers expect home inspectors to provide accurate information about the property they are looking at. In most cases, homes are worth over $150,000. It is hard to believe that some inspectors have very little responsibility. Unbelievably, some buyers look for the cheapest and heaviest toys. A few years ago, the average cost of home inspections was $320.00. However, there are home inspectors that offer home inspectors Fort Morgan CO inspections of all sizes for a few hundred dollars. It’s madness. Obviously, these lower inspectors are new to the business or expect to spend time. Just a little house ants checking while writing the report. A thorough review should take at least two and a half hours, plus the time needed to write and complete the audit report.

Some of the marketing material posted by other home inspectors

 One person claimed to have had so many checks in the last three years that I decided to count. I calculated that when inspecting homes 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, inspectors spend an average of 45 minutes per home. If I were a home buyer I would definitely feel cheated when the inspector spent 45 minutes on the house and expected me to pay him $300.00. Real estate agents are sometimes there when they inspect homes. One of the home sellers commented to the buyer that he appreciated that I had done a thorough investigation. The seller claims that when he bought the place five years ago, his inspectors missed many problems. His inspector was only in the house for thirty minutes and did not report. I will refuse to pay this man for such horrible work.

I asked the seller how much the inspection fee was. He said he didn’t remember. I think he remembers He was too embarrassed to pay this man more than he could afford. Reviewers are obviously cheap. Most sane people would refuse to pay men $320.00 for 30 minutes of unreported work.

You want a good inspection

You need to find a home inspector who will put in the time, thorough work, time, effort and training to master home inspections. If you want a bad cheap review it’s your choice and risk. If you want a thorough and accurate inspection of the home you are buying, you will pay for that quality. Cheap inspectors perform shoddy inspections and spend little time inspecting homes. Cheap for a reason.

 3 tips to help home inspectors grow their business.

Internet plays an important role in our daily life. And a home inspector should have an online presence. When today’s consumers want to do something, they immediately go to Google and see the first results. Running this business without a website is like running it without lightning. You missed something important. Buying a domain name and creating a website is easier than you might think. Hosting companies like Go Daddy, Network Solutions, and HostGator offer customizable domain names and templates that make it easy to create a website. It’s almost as simple as writing a Word document. For example, Go Daddy lets you buy a domain for $12 and pay a small $5 monthly fee to host it. If the inspector is too busy or unfamiliar with computers many companies specialize in creating business websites.

Every website should have contact information.

Information about the auditor service they provide Sample Audit Report and all relevant information about the company a quality website with good content is essential for your website to rank well in search engines. For this reason, reviewers should take the time to add quality content to their site. Writing an informative article about home inspections and adding photos and videos is a good place to start. home inspectors Longmont CO should use search engine optimization (SEO) tools to increase a website’s visibility in search engines.

 It is important to focus on keywords and phrases such as city and home inspections. Or home inspector. The term “home inspection” is so broad that home inspectors need to better focus on being successful in the city or area where they are inspecting homes. Nanty will get better results with this word. Cincinnati Home Inspections or Home Inspections in smaller Cincinnati cities like Finney town Fairfield.