A great service: 7 awesome advantages of support coordination


    Support coordination is designed to bolster your capacity to manage your NDIS supports more independently. What’s more, it is there to simplify the NDIS, so that you have a thorough understanding of your plan. If onboarding a support coordinator is something that you’ve been considering, here are seven awesome advantages of it when it comes to disability Melbourne services:

    1. They help you understand your NDIS plan

    NDIS plans can be complicated – we understand this. Getting your head around the NDIS is no easy feat and so you might find the plan to be a little convoluted. Support coordinators understand the complexities of the NDIS and can provide you with useful information regarding your plan.

    This information generally can regard helping identify your NDIS goals, what the plan means for you and you can reach your goals with the NDIS plan.

    1. Work towards optimising your plan

    One of the most important things about your NDIS plan is ensuring that it is being optimised. Of course, with so much tricky jargon this can be difficult, and this is another way your support coordinator can help you.

    Working alongside you to properly identify your needs, your support coordinator can help you get the most out of your NDIS plan so that it is totally aligned with your needs and can help you reach your goals.

    1. They can help you find the right support networks

    If you are able to find a skilled support network that has your best interests and objectives close at heart, there’s no telling what goals you could achieve through your NDIS plan. Support coordinators can help you find a solid network of Allied Health professionals who in turn can help you achieve your objectives.

    You and your support team have to be compatible and work well together – the support coordinator has the skills and experience to put you in contact with people that can help you reach awesome heights through your plan. This is a specified, tailored approach to NDIS and often achieves outstanding results.

    1. They can provide support across culturally diverse requirements

    Everyone is different, and this is taken into account when providing support coordination. Support coordinators believe in understanding the client’s diverse cultural needs in order to provide the best level of support for the client.  

    Support coordinators work hard to provide supporters that work with your customs, beliefs, languages, religions, foods, rituals, attitudes, worldviews and more.

    1. They prioritise your choice

    You are the one in charge of making important life decisions. Your support coordinator can bring their skills and experience to work as your mentor, offering advice and guidance so that you can make well-informed decisions regarding your support.

    1. Forget the paperwork

    There is typically a lot of admin that comes with any NDIS plan. A support coordinator can assist you in handling all this annoying paperwork and giving you the peace of mind that your funds are being efficiently handled.

    With your NDIS plan review meetings, your support coordinator will prepare and provide an NDIS progress report and determine any gaps in your plan that could require more funding.

    1. Help you with long-term support

    Your support coordinator can help you understand your NDIS plan in a way that can help you be more independent when it comes to managing your plan. This can be implemented across informal, mainstream, community and funded supports. So you will think only about your health.