ABELMED EHR-EMR-PM Software and Its Features!


The ABELMED EHR-EMR/PM is an integrated healthcare information system with many features. This program displays pediatric growth and vitals in a graphical format, and its security features make it easy to control access and ensure patient confidentiality. It also offers instant access to laboratory test results. Test results can be quickly downloaded and diagnostic diagnoses can be recorded directly during the encounter, helping to reduce errors.


ABELMED EHR-EMR-PM software offers a comprehensive solution for medical practices. Its features include electronic signatures, a Contact Manager, and electronic prescribing of medications. It also allows users to order lab tests and diagnoses. Moreover, it features a preventative care feature that automatically screens patients for preventative care. Moreover, the software supports custom colour coding for differentiation.

The ABELMED EHR-EMR-PM software is fully certified and complies with Meaningful Use guidelines. It also comes with technical support and offers money-back guarantees. This software has many benefits, including a user-friendly interface and support. It is compatible with many healthcare organizations and offers various features to simplify patient management and reduce administrative tasks. The software is also compatible with different types of medical documents, such as imaging reports, consultation notes, and x-ray reports.

Integration with Dragon Medical:

If you use the Dragon Medical software, integration is a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can fill out forms and move between fields with ease. By eliminating the need to type and click, this software saves you time and increases accuracy. You can even drop information into forms and the EHR without worrying about entering the information incorrectly.

Dragon Medical integration enables you to seamlessly record patient information and view a summary of the notes at a glance. It is also voice-enabled, so you can access it at any time. Voice-to-text conversion, built-in visualization, and contextual guidance all help physicians and allied healthcare professionals maximize their productivity.

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ABELMed EHR-EMR/PM is a complete software solution for medical practitioners, offering full features of electronic health records and practice management. The software enables doctors to develop electronic medical records for their patients and quickly document common patient complaints with the help of custom templates. It also provides advanced financial management capabilities and allows doctors to monitor their patient’s chronic conditions.

The software provides a user-friendly interface and features a patient portal where patients can access their clinical information and make changes to appointments. The patient portal also provides reminders for diagnostic tests and allows them to securely send medical charts to their physicians. The patient portal also allows patients to request prescription refills. The ABELMed EMR software comes with templates for different specialties. It is also compatible with desktop and mobile platforms.

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Cloud-based solution:

With the use of the ABELMed cloud-based solution, Sunshine Pediatric has been able to increase patient face-time, improve their claim acceptance rate, and increase revenue. This automated workflow has allowed the clinic to bring in billing work in-house and cut costs by eliminating a third-party billing company.

ABELMed offers a comprehensive electronic health record and practice management solution for medical offices. Its cloud-based solution includes features such as e-booking, patient portals, and billing capabilities. It can also be customized to the needs of your practice, making it suitable for all types of medical practices.