Are Weight Loss Pills Best For Weight Loss?


Most of the obese people have a belly fat and thighs. Only a healthy diet and proper exercise can’t reduce your belly. It takes so much time. That’s why so many people use diet pills for getting best results in a very short time period. But you know what? All diet pills are not safe for our body and not all of us can take the medications, some health conditions are applied. We recommended only prescribed weight loss medicine that works without causing any health issues. But if you don’t take those medications as per your doctor’s instructions it may be harmful for you. Even if you take overdose it also can be the reason for your health disease such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, constipation and hypertension etc.

In this article we will discuss some facts about weight loss pills so you can make a decision whether you take those medicines or not? Before you make a decision look at the facts:

What is obesity?

Body Mass Index or BMI is measured by our body weight and height. BMI= body weight (kg) / height (m) ^2. If your BMI is 27-30 then you are overweight and if it is more than 30 then you have obesity. When you have an obese body not only your body looks fat and you lost your self confidence but also you have a chance of several health diseases.

How does a diet pill work?

There are so many diet pills but prescribed pills have only two ways to lose weight. One way is you lose weight by feeling less hungry and other is the medicines absorb the fat you eat from foods.

Who is benefited by the pills?

Not everyone is benefited by the pills, some conditions are applied. If you are overweight and think weight loss pills are reducing your weight so maybe you are wrong. If your BMI is more than 30 or it is between 27 and 30 and have any other health issues such as diabetes, blood pressure then you can be benefited by the pills. If you are just overweight but don’t have any other diseases then you are not benefited and may also face so many health problems such as constipation, hypertension.

Is there any need for workouts?

Most of us take pills to get relief from exercises. But you must know one thing exercises not only help us to lose weight but also give us a healthy and fit body. So if you do some exercises or yoga such as pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, skipping and running with the medicines you get a fit body and the chances of side effects decreases. So before taking the pills consult with your doctor and do some exercises.

Maximum and minimum age required for taking these pills:

Mainly diet pills are for overweight adults. It is better to not be taken by the children and teens. Old men and women can take this but must have some other diseases with 27-30 BMI rate. More than 12 years old persons can take these pills.

Difference between prescribed and non prescribed medicines:

Non prescribed medicines are not tested in labs and it also contains hydroxyl which indicates a fast loss of weight but in a different way which have so many side effects. Also it is the reason for your liver damage.

When you take a prescribed medicine with a proper diet and regular exercises you can lose more than 5-9% than their starting body weight. Some people also lose 10% more than their starting body.

When you lose your weight you get some health benefits such as triglycerides, lowering high blood pressure and high sugar.


Weight loss pills are not magic pills which lose your weight in a day without maintaining any rules such as diet and exercises. It is used for fast results. So if you take it in a proper way, you will get the results but must follow all the instructions.