Baby Proofing Your Home When You Move


Moving from one place to another can be challenging when you have young ones along with you. The task becomes difficult by many folds keeping their requirements in mind. The easiest work can become challenging with them alone. The fussy child can make your day horrible at any point in time. Their needs are to be met instantly without giving them a second thought.

The thought of leaving your current home and moving into another where your baby can get hurt with anything can be overwhelming. Parents of young ones and toddlers need to babyproof the house even before they plan to shift with all their luggage and belongings. The tiniest details have to be kept in mind before shifting. 

A removalists Liverpool company can bring a lot of comfort and ease in packing your belongings most safely and setting them in your new abode with utmost care. The parents of the child need to pre-visit the place to make it baby-proof before their actual arrival. Some ways you can make it happen:

1. Placement of valuables-

The valuables should be placed in such ways that it is out of reach of the child or should be completely kept in a safe room where the child access is denied. Kids don’t know the value of the items in the house so better be precautious and let them be away for some time and can always be kept back when they grow up.

2. Medicines-

The adults in the house may be on certain medications which should completely be out of child reach and never be left open. The child is in the habit of taking everything in their mouth, and a little pill can be dangerous for them.

3. Cleaning supplies-

The cleaning supplies like toilet cleaner, dishwashing soap. And wash or grease cleaner all these items are made using certain chemicals which can bring serious outcomes if the child gets access to it. Keeping them on top shelves is the safest deed around them. 

4. Furniture straps-

The furniture edges can be very risky, especially for the crawling child who intends to hold onto furniture and try to stand, taking their support. Many times the furniture has toppled down on the child leading to serious injuries. Therefore, the furniture in the house should be strapped, and the edges should be foamed.

5. Toilet lid-

The toilet lid should always remain down. When you have a one-year-old or elder in the house who gets fascinated seeing the water in the pot seat and tries to put their hand inside it. Which can make them fall over as well. 

6. Fasten cords-

The electric cords should not be left loosely hanging and must be tied properly. Making them shorter so even if the child tries to play with them, they will not get wrapped around his neck. The baby can even trip over the hanging cords lying on the floor.

7. Electric outlet covers-

The electric outlet covers should be used to make them accessible only for adults, and children cannot put their fingers inside the sockets. 

8. Baby gates-

The baby gates should be put in all the appropriate places. Especially for the people residing in duplex buildings. The child tends to climb and get down the stairs, which makes it risky.

9. Toys-

Every parent loves their kids a lot and wants to give everything out of love. But there are times parents end up buying toys which can be harmful as well. The kid toys should not have small parts which can be taken in the mouth as it can lead to choking. 

10. Accessibility to hospital-

One major factor before deciding on the location of your new home should be its accessibility to a hospital with a NICU facility. God forbid if something happens, time plays a major role and having closeness to the hospital can save a good amount of time. The parents should be free from all the major work of moving by handing the task to a removalists Cheltenham company. And focus completely on making things safe for their child. The importance should be given to the safety and happiness of the baby rather than struggling with packaging. Loading and unloading. The tedious task should be in the hands of a professional removal crew.

Who will ensure by every means that all the work is handled with utmost precaution and safety. Even after reaching your new home. They will help you put all the things in place and give you ample time to look after the needs of your young ones. The child takes time to adapt to new places and surroundings. Which can make them cranky and fussy. Therefore, don’t assign yourself any other task as the child will keep you occupied and will demand a lot of attention.