Bald Heads and Glasses – How to look even better?

Bald Heads
Bald Heads

Glasses and your shining bald head. Not all bald-headed men look bad. Some even look attractive like Vin Diesel or Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson. They give off a tough look. You don’t have to wonder why they can pull off the role of men in uniform. 

Baldheads are already very conspicuous and glasses over them will make your appearance never invisible. That is not necessarily a bad look. Take, for example, Stanley Tucci. He hasn’t lost his charm even after losing hair. And glasses make him even more attractive.

You might not be a former runway model, but you can take away the attention from your shining head to your eyes. 

Try out these fashion glasses frames to look much better than you already look.

Round Face Shape

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If you have a round face shape, you might appear quite cute to everyone. If you are a grandpa, your round chubby appearance will be quite favourable. But if you are slightly younger to be a grandpa, then you should avoid every round frame. Round frames will make you appear very gullible.

To balance your look, you need thicker frames in rectangular or square shapes. Try out these cheap prescription glasses frames to change your appearance. You will appear hard-working, confident and not to mention, attractive.

Square Face Shape

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With a square face shape, it is generally advised to wear round frames. But your bald head makes your overall face shape round. With these glasses, you will not look as appealing as you wish. You can try out dual-tone frames or slightly round frames like this one.

These glasses frames can bring attention to your face shape for all good reasons. You will appear friendly and fun-loving. People will love interacting with you. If you are in a profession where you interact with your customers a lot, then get spectacles online in this style.

Oblong Face Shape

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If you have an oblong face shape, then consider growing a beard. With a beard, your face will not appear that long. Add glasses, you will look better. Try out these wooden glasses in black and brown. With neutral colours in a unique style of frames, you will give off a luxurious vibe. 

Diamond Face Shape

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If you have a diamond face shape, show off your athletism with brand new sports glasses. These glasses are designed in a way to assist your vision while you enjoy your favourite sport. A sporty and edgy look in these glasses will showcase your best self. Your dynamic personality and your confident approach will awe anyone.

Triangular Face Shape

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If you have a slightly triangular face shape with a broad jawline and narrow forehead, you need glasses to balance your look. Glasses with a bold appearance will bring more attention to your eyes than to your strong jawline.

Try out these browline glasses to bring balance to your look and add authority. You will get a tough look wearing these glasses that will totally change your aura. 

If you don’t like your face shape at all, you can tone down your beard or have no beard at all as they will make your jaw appear much bigger in comparison to your head. Get a balance with stylish and loud statement glasses.

Inverted Triangle Face Shape

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With an inverted triangular face shape, you have a wider forehead and a thinner chin. Wearing glasses will actually make you appear weird. You can get a beard or stubble to balance your look. And for glasses, you can try out something that is not too loud. You can try transparent glasses frames or thin-rimmed aviators.

Try out aviators to bring out a sporty and adventurous vibe. You will be able to show your creative style in these geometric aviators. With transparent frames, you will appear chic and modern. You can carry out a metrosexual appeal with matching prim and proper outfits.

There are plenty of glasses styles in the Specscart collection. With the free home trial service on glasses, you can try any style of frames and choose one that looks best on your face.