Best Android Apps for Windows PC Users


You guys gave a great response to our window’s essential app how about some more windows apps but this time let’s bridge the gap between this PC and this Android phone like you could use this phone as a Wi-Fi repeater motion controller fingerprint unlocked and much more so let’s just jump into this let’s start with the lock in your PC so how many of the laptops have. Read more about SimCity Mod Apk.

fingerprint sensor like ThinkPad’s 2 but for most laptops it’s still rare in comparison almost every smartphone houses the fingerprint sensor you have to download an popular Apps for your PC and phone called windows credential module. I will leave a link to all the apps in the description below next download remote fingerprints unlock on your phone and after the setup you can unlock your laptop with the fingerprint sensor of your phone how cool is that the only caveat is that both the devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network which most of the time they are and talking to Wi-Fi Android lets you share hotspot

only on mobile data not when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. When you travel most of the hotel wi-fi’s provide access to only one device but here’s an Android app called net no root tethering. Which lets you share your Wi-Fi network to multiple devices the configuration is kind of tricky and it depends on the device.

How to use your phone as a repeater you’ll see a card popping up now one of the main reasons. Why I love working on my PC is because I can simply use a mouse and a keyboard well desktop lets you extend this to peripherals to your Android phone all you have to do is set up desktop on both the devices connect your phone to the system wire USB and there you go I like the fact that you can move the cursor from the desktop to your phone but here’s the dope part I can copy stuff from my Android and paste it directly on my PC I can also drag links from the desktop to my phone for example this urn a effortless. So, the s10 Plus launched with 12 GB of RAM damn I mean this note 9 and this laptop have the same amount of RAM. So I don’t use this powerful phone to play some Steam games because there aren’t any good mobile games so here is an app called parsec which lets you stream games from your PC all you have to do is

download and setup the apps on both your PC and Android once you are done the app streams the game to your phone and now you can play and control. it from here I usually start playing steam games on my system and then end it with my phone on my bed you might already know about a droid it not only lets you send files between your phone and PC but also provides call and message notifications, but did you know that when you press screenshot it casts the phone’s screen on your desktop real time this is a quick hack that most are unaware of

check it out just for fun. I tried seeing what internal is up – turns out he is having a good time in

the Apple ecosystem but if all you want is to reply to your SMS is from your PC. You can use Android web message just open the link scan the barcode there you go you don’t even need to be on the same Wi-Fi network you might have heard of unified remote which lets you use your

smart phone screen as a trackpad and a keyboard for your laptop but I have developed a different use case the laptop at my home is kind of old with a buggy trackpad, so I switch to unified remote to use the drag and drop gesture coming from a smartphone this gesture definitely feels an intuitive switch.