Best business to start in the UAE with low investment

Best business to start in the UAE with low investment

The UAE is a country that supports entrepreneurs and helps small businesses to realize their ambitions. Many would-be entrepreneurs on the lookout for business opportunities find a home for their business in Dubai. Moreover, the winning combination of full ownership rights, relaxed taxation norms, and excellent infrastructural facilities offer a conducive environment to start a business in Dubai.If you have a workable idea, you are heartily welcomed to Dubai even with small investment. Be it a budding idea or a tried-and-tested business model.

You can find a home for all business ventures in Dubai, the heart of the Middle East. Moreover, the legal advisors at Shuraa are always available to help you kickstart your business journey in the UAE. 

Why is Dubai ideal for opening a business? 

Dubai offers a bountiful of opportunities for locals as well as expats wanting to open a business in Dubai. With a flexible range of associations and trade bodies, a lot of investors find it profitable to start a business in Dubai. Furthermore, if you want to start a business in Dubai, here are some compelling reasons that justify your decision: 

1. A diverse and growing economy 

The UAE is an exceptionally successful economy that has diversified itself from oil to multiple sectors. Over the years, Dubai has been rapidly growing and is rightly called the commercial hub of the Middle East. The economic landscape is flexible and attractive for all kinds of businesses. 

2. Sizable tax benefits 

The UAE government works towards the development of the economy by promoting both local and foreign businesses. Even if you don’t want to spend huge sums, the business laws are fair and transparent for starting a business in Dubai. Personal and corporate taxes are exempted in the region and the VAT rates are also among the lowest in the world. 

3. Strategic location 

Dubai connects Asia, Europe, and Africa, and the commute is more seamless than ever, thanks to the world-class transport facilities. The location is advantageous for businesses as they enjoy hassle-free connectivity between the three continents as well as excellent aviation connectivity all over the world. 

4. Relaxed legal system 

The UAE government actively announces continuous revisions in the prevalent investment rules and regulations. The motive is to promote foreign investment by offering lenient laws for expatriates. Moreover, all you need to do as a foreigner is get in touch with Shuraa Business Setup, and we’ll help you start a business in Dubai in a quick time. 

5. Ample manpower 

The liberal labor laws and healthy working ecosystem attract people from all over the world as well as from other Emirates to work in the region. Furthermore, the rigorous training of the job seekers gets them acclimatized to the working standards in the region. 

Top businesses to start in the UAE with low investment 

The UAE is the land of great opportunities. If you’re a budding entrepreneur on a tight budget, here are 6 potential business ideas for your consideration:

1. Recruitment agency

A lot of businesses all across the UAE are in constant need of manpower. However, the ever-increasing demand and competition don’t allow them to do extensive hiring. All these businesses depend upon recruitment agencies for their hiring needs. At the same time, both the skilled and semi-skilled manpower coming to the UAE in search of jobs contact these agencies themselves. Furthermore, setting up a recruitment agency business doesn’t require hefty investment as you can save a lot on office rentals and taxes. 

2. Cafe/restaurant

If you’re a budding entrepreneur but do not have millions to invest, setting up a small cafe or a restaurant might interest you. A small coffee shop can be set up even on a shoestring budget. Moreover, the growing food industry makes this business a profitable one. A restaurant need not necessarily be a fine dine. Many options, for instance, food vans are gaining popularity in the UAE alongside cloud kitchens. If the industry fascinates you, starting a business in Dubai is very straightforward. You can get in touch with Shuraa’s business experts to make your dream venture a reality. 

3. Childcare business 

With more expats coming to the Emirates for work, daycare is another service they are in dire need of. A considerable number of working couples in Dubai and the other Emirates require someone to take good care of their kids. Childcare business is one of the top businesses in Dubai that doesn’t require hefty startup costs. Moreover, once you gain trust among your target audience, building a reliable customer base doesn’t take long. 

4. Transportation business 

The UAE has a superb transportation framework and extraordinary infrastructure facilities. The supreme connectivity with the sea, land, and air makes it the perfect location for a transportation or logistics business. Moreover, the vastness of the transportation sector allows you to choose between the specific line of business to start with. It encompasses businesses relating to all three modes. You can decide amongst any of the below to open a business in Dubai: 

  • Air cargo transportation 
  • Car rental 
  • Bus tours 
  • Carwash 
  • Courier service 

5. Online teaching

If you want to open a business in Dubai, another great endeavor to start with minimum investment is online teaching. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to embrace the virtual way of learning, and it’s here to stay. If you have the right qualifications, becoming an e-tutor is easy in Dubai. A private tutor in Dubai charges around AED 180 – AED 250 per hour, an amount equivalent to most educational institutions. 

6. E-commerce business 

Online is the new normal, and digital is undoubtedly the way to go in the coming years. With more and more people feeling comfortable shopping online, the future of e-commerce is as bright as it can get. The increasing spending capacity makes it a trending sector. Moreover, several initiatives have been taken by the UAE government to boost the e-commerce market. 

Connect with Shuraa 

Investors all across the world continue to find emerging business opportunities in Dubai because of the business-friendly laws and advanced infrastructure. Shuraa Business Setup is there for your help if you’re looking to start a business in Dubai. Our business advisors guide you on the various stages of entrepreneurship and provide assistance in documentation, licensing, and everything else you need.