9 Best Online Trading Strategies for Beginners

Best Online Trading Strategies for Beginners

Indian investors are usually risk-averse when investing their hard-earned money in the stock markets. The stock market can be an excellent avenue to make additional income if a person invests carefully. Let us understand the best elementary trading strategies that can help beginners emerge as successful traders:

  • Paper Trading

Before entering the markets, it is a good practice for beginners to practice paper trading to gain confidence. Numerous platforms help investors practice trade using virtual money before making a real market entry.

  • Avoid Aggressive trading

Beginner traders must begin by investing small amounts in the markets. Understanding the markets thoroughly through little trades before investing substantial amounts is essential. This strategy helps traders minimize their losses. Additionally, beginner traders must curb their tendency to make additional money. It may be tempting to enter into a new position even after making losses in online trading. However, traders must not get carried away and follow a rational market approach.

  • Look for Market Trends

While trading stocks, the rule of thumb is to buy the stock at a lower price and sell it at a higher price. However, this may not seem so easy while you are out there investing your actual money. Market trends give a deeper insight into the price movements of a stock. Try to analyze the formation of a bullish or bearish market trend to analyze the nature of your trade thoroughly.

  • Selecting the right stock

Stock market beginners must focus on stocks with average or lower volatility, high liquidity, and good volume. It is also a good practice to identify companies that offer timely dividends. It is important to note that beginner traders must also be aware of the demat account annual charges before registering Demat accounts and commencing their journey in the stock markets.

  • Look for long-term returns.

Holding a stock for a longer term might fetch more significant returns. Beginner traders might be willing to sell their stocks for small profits. However, holding on to stocks for the long term helps enhance profits.

  • Thorough Analysis

Stock markets may get impacted by rumors and fake news. One might want to analyze the markets and look for a trend thoroughly. It would be best if you could update yourself on the principles of fundamental stock analysis to determine stock picks.

  • Stock Market Charts

Stock market charts are an excellent tool to help traders evaluate the market trend and determine their entry and exit positions. Among the various tools provided for investors, candlestick charts are used widely to assess market patterns. The stock market charts also come with multiple indicators that help traders analyze market trends, volatility, and momentum.

  • Diversify your portfolio

It is recommended that traders build diversified portfolios across various sectors to minimize their risk. If securities in a specific industry get impacted by a particular event, the trader can still make profits through other investments in the portfolio.

  • Monitor the Global Indices

While investing money in the stock market, keeping track of NIFTY and SENSEX is essential. However, Indian stock markets are also impacted by the global indices. It is a good practice to track some international indices such as DOW JONES, S&P500, NASDAQ, EURO, CAC40, etc.


Stock markets can help investors make substantial profits. However, traders must invest carefully and understand the basics of investing to avoid losses. It is a good practice to hold on to the stocks for a long duration to make maximum profits. Market trends can help traders better evaluate the current conditions. Markets may be very volatile; however, a deep understanding helps investors better access market conditions and drive more substantial returns.

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