Carpet tiles have many advantages over traditional carpets.


Today, carpet tiles are the choice of many savvy homeowners. which broke the rough and refined nature of antique rugs. Sometimes called a square rug. which has been used commercially for a long time now it has become a popular choice for residential areas.


The carpet has a long history in BC. From the 3rd millennium, almost 4000 years ago, the oldest surviving carpet in Siberia. It is said that it was made in the 5th century BC. Traditionally, the handmade carpet, made up of thousands of knots, is intricately woven to create beautiful works of art that are too precious to be laid on the ground and walked on. Unfortunately, carpet technology has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years.

The 1930s changed the carpet industry forever. A few entrepreneurs have figured out how to use a carpet making machine. And almost overnight it was a commodity for the emerging middle class. Until the introduction of synthetic fibers in the late 1950s. Wall-to-wall carpets have become commonplace in homes.

Recently, carpet tile, the concept as a best carpet tiles in uae, has been modernized. Introduced to the United States in the late 80s, it is a popular choice for offices and other commercial spaces. Many colors and styles are the same as general rugs.


The advantages that carpet tiles have over conventional roll-up carpets are compelling. Savvy homeowners and trendsetting designers have begun to turn to carpet tile for many purposes.

Shipping – One roll of carpet is on average 12 feet wide and 50 feet long. With an average weight of 1/2 pound per square foot, a 100-foot rug can weigh up to 600 pounds. Carpet tiles are also often heavy and often require at least two people to transport them and a truck to transport them. On the other hand, carpet tiles come in different sizes. They are usually 12- to 18-inch squares assembled in 6-12 pieces. A single pack of carpet tiles is lightweight and compact. That means almost anyone can carry a pack or two. And can be transported in the smallest car

Storage – In addition to basic transportation, storage must also be considered. One or two remaining arpet tiles supplier can be stacked in a storage room or closet. Keeping one remaining carpet is more of a challenge. No matter how long the carpet is, it is always 12 feet wide. It’s too big for most wardrobes and not really discreet. Not to mention that it might take two people to move.

Small spaces – Standard roll carpets, 12 feet wide, are a good choice for large open spaces. But it is not suitable for the very small spaces found in many homes and offices. Closets and hallways become a challenge when dealing with bulk carpet rolls. Small carpet tiles have a clear advantage here.

Waste – Being small is an advantage that allows carpet tiles to reduce waste, which ultimately saves money. A single roll of carpet does not allow much flexibility in size. With a fixed width, the length only changes. Of course, a 12-foot-wide rug works best in a room that’s 12 feet wide. If the area is only 10 feet wide, or maybe 14 feet wide, that’s a lot of trash. Carpet tiles purchased in 6-12 sq.m. kits will help ensure you have enough carpet to get the job done. And the amount of carpet left over is drastically reduced.The average flooring project using carpet tiles can generate only 5% waste.

Design Aesthetics – There is little design flexibility when using traditional rugs. The only room for creativity is the choice of color and length, but carpet tiles offer many opportunities for creativity. Apart from bright colors and lengths, carpet tiles also have the advantage of being available in different sizes. The discreet nature of carpet tiles allows for the use of many colors and sizes, as well as the ability to change orientation. Creative designers can create unique patterns on rugs that emphasize space and create visual separation between spaces.

Installation – Conventional carpets require backing, glue and mounting strips, which are time-consuming to cut, trim, glue, tie and stretch for proper installation.