Testament of Compliance (Medical Marijuana)

A Medical Marijuana Certificate of Compliance (MMCC) is needed by the Oklahoma medical marijuana certificate of compliance (OMMA) as a component of the clinical weed permit to operate application for both new and recharging licenses. A clinical weed business should follow City codes identifying with drafting, fire, waste, and explicit structure security codes to get a MMCC. Each sort of OMMA permit requires a different MMCC application.

Muni Code: 60-13-80

Step by step instructions to get a Certificate of Compliance

Stage 1

Required Documents

  • Endorsement of Compliance (Application for Certificate of Compliance Medical Marijuana – Application is accessible from Oklahoma City as it were)
  • A duplicate of the floor plan recognizing all rooms and apparatuses
  • Legitimate Description of Property

Stage 2

Submit expected reports to buildingpermitapplication@okc.gov

Installment is needed at season of utilization. Plans and application will be assessed for consistence of construction regulations, drafting and related mandates. Fire, mechanical waste, and development controllers will assess the business area for consistence. The consistence endorsement measure for the most part takes 2 – 3 weeks. Extra allows and investigations might be needed before acknowledgment of your MMCC application.

A different expense will be evaluated for each MMCC type:

  • Dispensary – $615
  • Develop Facility – $750 – moreover, you should submit designed mechanical designs to mechanicalreview@okc.gov
  • Handling Facility – $750
  • Exploration Facility – $750
  • Carrier – $100
  • Schooling Facility – $750
  • Testing Laboratory – $750

Stage 3

In the event that development work at your business requires a grant, an authorized worker for hire will be needed to play out the work and to acquire the essential licenses from the Development Center. The authorized worker for hire will likewise get in touch with us when the work has been finished to demand the fundamental examinations.

In the event that you prompt us that no development work has been done at your business, we should perform “status check” investigations for each MMCC type at your area to confirm that data. Kindly reach us at every one of the accompanying telephone numbers for our reviewers to come play out the accompanying “status check” investigations: (405) 316-5656 for Building, Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing, and (405) 297-3584 for Fire. Additionally contact the Utilities Department at ww-pretreatment@okc.gov or (405) 297-3810, to demand an Industrial Waste “status check” assessment for develop offices and preparing offices.

Stage 4

Intermittently check the situation with your Certificate of Compliance at okc.gov/access.

  • Snap on Licenses
  • Enter permit number or address
  • Snap on MMCC permit number
  • Snap on record information tab
  • Snap on handling status

The data will be shown showing all extraordinary necessities demonstrated by an hourglass image.

Stage 5

When all areas are endorsed, your Certificate of Compliance will be consequently messaged to the email address gave on the application. The Certificate of Compliance letter should be given to OMMA as a component of their application interaction.