Chronological Order of Naruto & Shippuden Story Arc Episodes


The Naruto series has several story arcs. From the primary series to Shippuden, here are a variety of them in written account order.

The Naruto series is one of the foremost well-known franchises worldwide. The series follows a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, World Health Organization strives to become the Hokage of his village, the Hidden Leaf. Though he has the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within him and is shunned thanks to it, he is utilized laboriously to become robust.

Together with the sequel series Naruto Shippuden Filler List, the anime ran for fifteen years from October three, 2002, to March twenty-three, 2017. At the side of the series came several story arcs. Here are all of the story arcs in each Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, in written account order.

Prologue — Land Of Waves

(Naruto /Episodes 1—19)

Prologue — Land Of Waves ran from episodes one to nineteen inside the initial Naruto anime. Fans will lovingly keep in mind the series’s debut, with the first serious mission Team seven inflicting them to encounter Zabuza and Haku—the most popular villains inside the series.

This arc shows Team seven moving into the first stages of understanding however serious being a ninja ar usually, conjointly as understanding, not each ninja could also be a clear-cut definition of “evil” and “good”—as Zabuza over up realizing what was vital to him inside the top.

Chunin Exams (Naruto / Episodes 20—67)

The Chunin Exams Arc ran from episodes twenty to sixty-seven inside the initial Naruto anime. The chunin exams had the ninja handle a variety of the toughest tests thrown their way, from them attempting to figure out the thanks to work along, from collaborating to near-death battles inside the Forest of Death.

This arc marked the first look of Orochimaru, absolutely displayed all of the Kohona eleven, and introduced Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro.

Konoha Crush (Naruto / Episodes 68—80)

The Konoha Crush Arc ran from episodes sixty-eight to eighty inside the initial Naruto anime. Before the chunin exams might even get into their final stages, Orochimaru attacked the Hidden Leaf, to which Hiruzen—the Third Hokage—and his pupil battled to the death.

Although his death was ultimately in vain, the impact it left on the characters—and particularly Naruto—could be felt throughout the village, which began the ensuant arc.

Search For Tsunade (Naruto / Episodes 81—100)

The look for Tsunade Arc ran from episodes eighty-one to one hundred inside the initial Naruto anime. Once the Third Hokage’s death, the running for a replacement Hokage to fill the previous one’s shoes began. This conjointly marked the first look of the Akatsuki, which discovered that Itachi Uchiha—Sasuke’s brother the World Health Organization massacred his entire clan—was a section of it.

Naruto went on a journey at the side of Jiraiya wherever he 1st trained to master the Rasengan and had Orochimaru and Jiraiya each compete to recruit her.

Land Of Tea Escort Mission  (Naruto / Episodes 102—106)

The Land Of Tea Escort Mission Arc ran from episodes 102 to 106 inside the initial Naruto anime. As a filler arc, it followed Team seven on a mission that wasn’t mentioned inside the manga. The plot was simple—to facilitate a genin from the Hidden Leaf, Idate Morino, win a race.

The reason for {this is|this is usually|this can be} often the shortage of jonin once Orochimaru attacks the Hidden Leaf, therefore Team seven was the only real choice left to help the Wasabi

 family on Associate in a Nursing escort mission.

Sasuke Recovery Mission (Naruto / Episodes 107—135)

The Sasuke Recovery Mission Arc ran from episodes 107 to one hundred thirty-five inside the initial Naruto anime. Once Sasuke received his curse mark from Orochimaru throughout the chunin exams and was referred to as weak by Itachi throughout the planning for Tsunade, Sasuke wished for additional power.

To do so, he is determined to travel away from the village—leading to the Hidden Leaf’s Konoha eleven to seek for him with the order to stop him from connecting Orochimaru, despite what. Naruto and Sasuke had their 1st fight at the depression of the highest throughout this story arc, and it had been the last canonical arc inside the initial Naruto series whereas the rest were Naruto Shippuden fillers.

Land Of Rice Field Investigation Mission

 (Naruto / Episodes 136—141)

The Land of Rice Fields Investigation Mission Arc ran from episodes 136 to 141 inside the initial Naruto anime. Once Sasuke departed and defected to Orochimaru’s facet, only Naruto and Sakura were left of Team seven.

During this time, Jiraiya took the helm, where they went on a mission to analyze Orochimaru’s whereabouts, hoping to urge additional info on Sasuke.

Mizuki chase Mission (Naruto / Episodes 142—147)

The Mizuki chase Mission Arc ran from episodes 142 to 147 inside the initial Naruto anime. Mizuki was the primary antagonist responsible for Naruto gaining the information concerning the sacred ninja scroll that had the Shadow Clone Jutsu written within it.

In this story arc, Iruka attains the help and support of Naruto to retake Mizuki.

Bikochu mission (Naruto / Episodes 148—151)

The Bikochu mission Arc ran from episodes 148 to 151 inside the initial Naruto anime filler. Instead of teaming up with Sakura or the remainder of Team seven, Naruto instead joins Team eight, therefore he will facilitate exploration working for the rare bikochu beetle—an insect that was utilized by the Aburame social group with the capabilities of finding out something that was lost.

Naruto planned to use the forehead guardian Sasuke left behind to see for Sasuke by his scent. The arc was well-received for its comedic undertones and so the looks of four seldom showing characters; Shino Aburame, Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inazuka, and Akamaru.

It is a soothing and comedic few episodes that end with numerous conversations between characters. It conjointly shows the character growth and impacts Naruto had on everybody in his life.