5 Indications That Your Company Needs a Mobile Strategy


Mobile devices have radically changed the online landscape, and this is true for both B2B companies and B2C consumers. Mobile devices have changed the way that consumers communicate, buy, read news and much more. It’s a fact that mobile devices are used more and more by consumers.

1. Global mobile traffic accounts for approximately 13% of Internet traffic

Mobile shopping is on the rise. Mobile shopping is the main driver of mobile. On Black Friday (the frenzied day of shopping after Thanksgiving), 24 percent of online sales were made on smartphones and tablets. This is a 14.3% rise from the year before.

It’s crucial to be mobile ready, especially around the holidays, because of the rapid growth of mobile usage.

2. In the US there are 321 millions active mobile phones, and in China 330 million

You read that right – there are 330 mobile users in China. has mentioned this in previous blog articles. China is the largest mobile market in the entire world. This growth will not stop anytime soon.

In this context, it is likely that consumers will be browsing the web on their mobile devices constantly. Mobile devices allow consumers to compare prices and research products/services from anywhere.

3. Location-based marketing is possible with mobile technology

Relevance is the key to marketing. Showing your brand message to potential customers based on their location is an excellent way to be more relevant. It also gives you the opportunity to become more relevant.

GPS’s ability to pinpoint a consumer’s exact location allows you to send them relevant mobile coupons and ads. Location-based marketing has endless possibilities.

4. Mobile marketing offers a unique opportunity to engage customers

Mobile marketing is a must-have for any business. The design of the mobile device should match that of the screen. Short, powerful messages that provide instant gratification. Create a call to action in minimal steps.

mobile marketing is more effective than online advertising. Mobile marketing can be a great way to increase traffic to your store. You can send a promotional message if it is the last day of an important sale.

5. A website that’s not optimized for mobile can cost your business money

Mobile devices are more engaging for users because they capture their attention and keep it for a certain period of time.

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices it could lead to customer frustration, and even loss of sales. Mobile users don’t like to waste time retrying a website that doesn’t work or isn’t displaying properly. in fact, a third of users will visit a competitor’s website instead.

Mobile is everywhere. It’s important to think about mobile strategy if your product or service is available globally.

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