Consulting Management Firm Brazil


Several firms have been operating in Brazil in recent years. Some of them are IFConsultant, Kearney, LATAMTEC, Prodeg and Vector Consulting.


IF Consultant is a leading consulting management firm headquartered in Brazil with offices in several other countries including the U.S. It is a provider of innovative solutions to the middle-sized Brazilian corporate. The company’s partners have over 50 years of experience in the Brazilian financial markets. They have an extensive knowledge of the local market, as well as a deep understanding of distressed situations.

The company has a portfolio centered on the oil and gas industry. It has a strong distribution channel for structured corporate finance solutions, including the exclusive funds and funds of funds. It has also raised over $2 billion for its clients, proving its mettle in the Brazilian corporate finance space. Its presence in the country has played a key role in helping its clients recover their investment’s highest value.


Founded in 1983 by Carlos Alberto de Freitas, LATAMTEC is a consulting firm that has been around the block a few times. The company is home to a bevy of marketing, finance, operations and information systems experts. LATAMTEC has a portfolio that includes KPMG, L.E.K., and FGV. It’s probably safe to say that LATAMTEC has helped some of Brazil’s biggest and best.

LATAMTEC also has a knack for the big picture and has been known to partner up with companies in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. The company is well positioned to help these organizations navigate the tumultuous waters of the global economy. LATAMTEC also has a strong presence in the education sector, through its involvement with the LABOR (pronounced like the word lame) Foundation, a non-profit organisation that provides scholarships to students of all ages, regardless of their gender or socioeconomic background.

Vector Consulting

Founded in 2003, Vector Consulting is a leading management consulting firm in India. The company has been offering consulting services to corporates to help them implement customised solutions for brands, businesses and public sector organisations. The company also offers consultancy in the areas of business development, market research, and commercial analysis. In addition to consulting, it offers facilitation services, business development programs and sales programs. The firm draws upon its broad consulting capabilities and its expert knowledge in applying key consulting disciplines to deliver solutions that meet clients’ business objectives.

The firm is one of the largest and fastest growing management consulting companies in India. The company has also developed its own risk-sharing model, which allows it to offer a cost-effective, scalable approach to consulting. The firm has worked for industry peak bodies and universities, and has undertaken work for both private and public sector organizations.


Currently, Kearney Consulting Management Brazil offers services to private and public sector organizations across the region. The office has over 3,500 employees and works with clients in over 40 countries.

Kearney has been around for over six decades. It is one of the largest management consulting firms in the world. The firm has a global presence, with offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and the UAE. A new office was opened in Bogota in 2013.

In the last eight years, Kearney has been listed as a “Best Firm to Work For” seven times in Consulting magazine’s annual list. It is also one of the most prominent firms on Vault Guide’s rankings of the world’s best management consulting firms.

Kearney is active in over 40 countries, and has offices in three Latin American countries: Colombia, Argentina, and Mexico. The firm provides a wide range of consulting services, including business management and information technology. It also has a strong presence in the Latin America market, with the largest private equity firms as its largest clients.

Mark D’Amorim

Founded by Eurico D’Amorim, IFConsultant provides innovative solutions to middle and small Brazilian corporates. The firm also has extensive experience in distressed situations and has built its presence in Brazil to recover the most value for investors. IFConsultant’s partners have over 50 years of experience in the Brazilian financial markets. The partners of IFConsultant provide clients with a wide range of services, focusing on advisory and structuring matters. In addition, the firm has strong relationships with private equity firms, enabling its clients to achieve higher growth rates.

Souto Correa Advogados represents clients in several sectors, including transportation, e-commerce, manufacturing, mining, and technology. The firm handles both contentious and administrative work. Its litigation practice handles disputes related to administrative and contractual issues, including claims for class actions, public law conflicts, and environmental disputes. The firm has a team of highly qualified lawyers who work on complex disputes.