Contouring to Perfection with these Top 5 Contour Brands


How often have you thought while looking in the mirror that you would look much better with higher cheekbones? Or the neckline of your dress would look gorgeous with a sharper jawline? Thanks to this makeup magic called contouring, all of you can quit longing for your makeup looks and get what you want! Contour makeup aims to enhance and define your cheekbones, jawline, and hairline to complement your natural features. The goal of contouring is to use makeup to enhance or change the structure of your face, but the results don’t have to be dramatic. The earlier contouring and highlighting trends were all about transforming your entire face to look a certain way. Still, today it’s all about embracing your natural shape and adding actual depth and character to your face.

Contouring your features entails applying light and dark foundation tones to draw attention, slim down, or deepen your features. But how do you go about creating this incredible makeup look? There are a few things to consider before deciding on the best contouring shade and technique. First, when contouring, understanding your face shape is crucial. So, take a step forward in front of the mirror and try identifying the shape of your face. Contouring and highlighting can be a big task, mainly when techniques differ depending on your face shape and your products.

Diamond-shaped faces

Your cheeks are the largest region of your face with a diamond face shape, with your hairline and chin narrowing. For this form, start at your ears and contour underneath your cheekbones, ending in the centre of your cheeks. Then, in an upside-down triangle shape, highlight under your eyes, bringing it down in line with where you contoured. 

Oval shaped faces

Your face is almost twice as long as it is wide if you have an oval face shape. Contour your hairline to lower it and create the appearance of a smaller forehead. Starting with your ears, go underneath your cheekbones and apply the highlighter. Make an upside-down triangle shape with your highlighter under your eyes.

Heart shaped face

Your chin is thin and pointed, and your cheekbones are narrower than your hairline if you have a heart facial shape. To balance out the wider upper half of your face with the thinner lower half, contour around the sides of your forehead and temples. Then, in an upside-down triangle form, highlight under your eyes.

Round shape face

Your face is nearly the same length and width, and there are no obvious points along your jawline, chin, or forehead if you have a round face shape. To slim down this area, contour around the sides of your forehead and temples. Then go below your cheekbones from your ear to the middle of your cheeks. Finally, in an upside-down triangle form, highlight under your eyes.

Square or rectangle-shaped face

The length and width of your face are approximately the same, and your hairline and jawline are about even if you have a square face shape. To slim down this area:

  • Contour around the sides of your forehead and temples.
  • Follow it up by your hairline to give the illusion of a smaller forehead.
  • Make an upside-down triangle shape under your eyes and your forehead and chin centre.
  • The primary recommendations are to use contour shades to shrink and narrow any larger or more pronounced sections of your face and define your cheekbones. 
  • At the same time, highlight hues bring forward any parts of your face and brighten up your eye area.

Now let’s come to the top choices in the markets that will bring out the best in you! Here are some bestselling contours that Health and Glow recommends:

SUGAR Face Fwd Contour Stick

With this stunning and simple-to-use beauty, you can sculpt your face like never before. With SUGAR Contour stick, you can now complete any look with ease, as it comes in two unique shades: Fawn First and Espresso Edge. 

MyGlamm Chisel It Contour Kit 

This contour kit is a buildable trio with a bronzer, blush, and highlighter that adds colour for a flushed complexion. It has a soft texture and mixes well for a finished look. From an everyday, wearable blush to a dramatic sculpted appearance or a more intense evening glow, these blushes are available in various intensities.

Colorbar USA Flawless Touch Contour & Highlighting Kit 

A contouring powder by Colorbar and a luminous highlighter come in this duo palette for a naturally contoured look. Advanced Optical Technology enhances the highlighter by blurring the appearance of flaws. In addition, light corrects skin imperfections. The contouring powder’s lightweight, blendable texture doesn’t settle into fine lines and wrinkles.

Chambor Visage Contour Studio 

Chambor Visage Contour Studio is a high-coverage studio finish setting powder with well-defined matte colours. The shades effectively bring out the facial characteristics. A lightweight solution that glides on smoothly and provides high coverage and a gentle, healthy, and natural-looking glow.

It would be best if you didn’t forget that blending the contour is also a big task. A conventional brush is the most incredible tool for applying a cheek contour. A contour brush helps to shape your face. However, these brushes are not like other makeup brushes like blush brushes. Contour brushes come in various angled shapes, unlike more rounded blush brushes. The contour will be soft and diffused if you use a fluffy brush. Instead, use a smaller, dense brush to achieve a more sculpted look. When appropriately used, contouring can be a real game-changer. You need to figure out the best choice for your skin and facial shape, and you are good to go!