Data on Tungsten Bands


Think about how amazing it would be to have a ring that never loses its luster or gets scratched.

Tungsten is found naturally in the earth’s crust in a very low concentration yet it is very hard and durable. It is not possible to find pure tungsten in nature. It never occurs on its own, but rather as a composite of many other substances. Due to its exceptional durability and resistance to scratches, it is an excellent material for jewelry. To create a durable and scratch-proof piece of jewelry, the metal is alloying elements with a better nickel binder.

Tungsten carbide, you ask?

If your tungsten ring ever becomes scratched, however improbable that may seem, we will either polish it or replace it at no cost to you. For as long as you own the ring, you may exchange it for a different size at no cost, even if your finger size changes. (Size exchange is free, however, shipping and handling will apply)

Rings made of platinum, palladium, or gold may easily be scratched, dented, or bent. Tungsten wedding bands are indestructible and will retain their luster and shape for a lifetime. Tungsten is dense and tough than other metals. Tungsten’s superior craftsmanship is evident in the metal’s denser heft. Tungsten rings are the epitome of an enduring expression of love and devotion because of their substantial weight and brilliant shine.

Production Methods

Sintering is used to compress tungsten powder into solid metal rings. To compact the powder into the ring blank, a press is used. To forge the ring, it is first heated to an astonishing 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit in a furnace (1,200 degrees Celsius). Sintering may begin on the tungsten wedding rings. The procedure employs direct sintering. To do this, we must apply voltage directly to each ring. The powder in the ring compacts as the temperature rises, turning the ring into a solid structure at 3,100 degrees Fahrenheit (5,600 degrees Celsius).

After that, diamond tools are used to shape and polish the ring. Diamond tools are used to carve out a channel in the middle of rings that include precious metal inlays such as silver, gold, palladium, platinum, or mokumegane. Pressure is used to force the precious metal into the ring, and then the ring is re-polished. One can also think of steel rings.

Choosing Between Tungsten and Tungsten Rings Direct?

Differentiating between a tungsten band as well as a tungsten carbide ring is a difficult task. Raw tungsten is a brittle gray metal with a low melting point. To create this gray metal, it is first ground into a powder and then mixed with carbon and other components. Tungsten carbide is the result of compressing these elements together. Tungsten rings made entirely of metal are unusual, but not impossible to locate. No other ring material can compare to the durability and scratch resistance of a tungsten carbide ring.

Tungsten carbide rings shine because they are almost impossible to scratch. Only very rare objects, like diamonds, may damage a tungsten ring. Tungsten Rings for mens  is guaranteed for life, which is unheard of in the industry. Just let us know if your ring is damaged, and we’ll make it right.

I was wondering whether the tungsten rings you sell also include cobalt. Not at all! Most tungsten carbide rings on the market include cobalt. There is no cobalt in any of our jewelry. The majority of other vendors utilize cobalt, a cheaper alloy, to make tungsten rings. Tarnish, dullness, and a brown or green mark on your finger are all adverse effects of the cobalt in their rings reacting with the brain’s normal secretions. Our cobalt-free tungsten carbide rings are the perfect solution.