Debunking 6 Common Plastic Surgery Myths

Common Plastic Surgery Myths

Many beauty trends come and go, even before we can decide on one. Whether we consider middle-parted hair of 70’s, pink eye shadow of 80’s or baby buns of 90’s, the definition of beauty trends kept changing.

Now, during this time of technological advancements and lightning-fast technology growth, everyone’s got its definition of beauty trends. With the emergence of new make-up and nail trends staying in discussion for a week or two and then vanishing, plastic or cosmetic surgical procedures are no exception.

Plastic surgery- an emerging beauty trend

Whether it’s about the popularity of Botox or facelifting procedure, there is a progressive increase in people opting for these procedures. But just like any other fragment, many misconceptions keep surrounding this trendy world of plastic surgery.

These misconceptions are affecting a person’s capability of making informed choices regarding these procedures. My friend went to the best plastic surgeon in Rawalpindi, for a nose reshaping procedure and she was afraid to the extent that she returned twice without getting the procedure done. The reason was the entire discussion from all and sundry.

Myths about plastic surgery

Let’s debunk some of the most commonly accepted plastic surgery myths!

1- Plastic surgery procedures use plastic

Most of the time, the word plastic surgery has associated the practice with the use of plastic material, however, it has nothing to do with plastic. The world has its origin from a Greek word meaning “to mold”. If you think that your surgeon will use plastic on your face, you are wrong.

2- Liposuction can help you lose weight

When we hear the word liposuction, the first thing that comes to our mind is that liposuction is a weight-loss method. But it is not true in any case, let me explain why! Liposuction is the procedure in which excess body fat is removed from trouble spots in our bodies. Fat cells from the particular area are removed and you end up losing a few pounds. However, liposuction is not a weight-loss method instead the weight you lose via procedure will return if you eat more than the required calories.

For this, you need to understand the process behind weight loss. Though I didn’t lose weight via surgical procedure, my physician at the city hospital Wah Cantt in Rawalpindi made me understand the science behind weight loss. So, you need to seek 0ot help from a nutritionist if you are suffering from health-related problems.

3- Plastic surgery is a scar-free approach

Plastic surgery is often considered a scar-free method to mend all your skin problems. But how is it possible that you cut your skin, no scar results? That’s the case with plastic surgery. Though plastic surgery procedures are sophisticated ones so scars’ appearance is minimized but they do exist.

4- Plastic surgery procedures give permanent results

General belief says that plastic surgeries give permanent results and that’s one of the most common reasons why people for these procedures. Just like any other treatment, the outcomes of these procedures are also temporary with limited shelf-life. Whether you go through cheek uplift or liposuctions, results can be reverted.

For instance, in the case of liposuction eating more than required calories will lead to the formation of excessive fat in the body. Similarly, in the case of a facelift, your genetics and environment can play their role to reverse your surgical outcomes.

5- You can’t face the sun after going through the surgical procedure

Sun exposure is considered an important limitation of plastic surgeries but sun exposure isn’t always harmful. It depends upon the surgical procedure you went through. Because in some cases, direct sun exposure can slow down the healing process and can increase the risk of problems like cancer. But that’s not always the case. Your surgeon is the only person who can tell you which post-operation is needed for you.

6- Cosmetic surgeries are associated with psychological problems  

This perception arises from the times when people used to consider surgical outcomes unattractive. This leads to the popular belief saying people who opt for plastic surgery are suffering from psychiatric problems. But there is no such connection between cosmetic procedures and the mental health of a person. Many people get these procedures for reconstruction purposes that make them feel more confident with their appearance.

Takeaway Note!

Plastic surgeries are a trend popular for both corrective and fashion purposes. No matter what the reason behind, make sure you go to the specialist and don’t get tempted by cheaper options.