Design and Interior Decorating Ideas for a Red Pillow

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The human custom of being captivated by beauty dates back to the time they came into this world. That is why a good and fascinating packaging for your products hooks the target audience instantaneously. You may have an awesome product, but if its packaging is not attractive enough, you will face difficulty in selling your product. Presentation matters the most whether the customers are buying directly from you or waiting for their product to be delivered in a package to their doors. Without any doubt, the custom pillow boxes are one of their kind. But how exactly can you design their interior in a way that makes your product stand out from the crowd? This guide will let you know some effective designing tips for pillow packages in this regard.

Play with the hues:

Colors are an important aspect of the designing process and are known for evoking specific emotions in people. The target audience is always fascinated by beautiful and charming colors. That is why it is necessary to up your color game when designing the pillow boxes. For instance, you can use the red color, one of the most visible colors in the color spectrum. This color signifies love, passion, courage, and religious fervor. Different cultures have a different understanding of colors, and the meaning of each color is different in all cultures. But the red one is known as a symbol of love in all cultures. As Valentine’s Day is coming near, you can use these boxes interiorly designed with red color for gifting purposes. When your loved ones open these boxes, they will be filled with joy, and the value of your gift will increase in the eyes of receivers.

Employ intricate patterns and graphics:

The intricate patterns are a good way to add interesting focal points to your pillow design. There is nothing quite like a pattern reveal. Complementing the exterior of your pillow boxes wholesale with a new interior pattern or image adds some extra value to your design. For a whimsical and classic look, the polka dot pattern works best. This kind of pattern consists of an array of small filled circles which, when mingled with the floral pattern, appear more enticing. You can also use some other patterns, such as the Art Deco pattern, which will provide a vintage feel to the customers when they open your box. Similarly, printing the graphics inside which are target-oriented can be a great addition too. If your target audience is kids, for instance, you can incorporate some cartoon characters inside the pillow packages to allure them.

Words of encouragement:

Printing the words of encouragement inside your pillow boxes is a great tactic to elevate the experience of potential customers with your brand. These days, it is the need of all businesses to communicate with the customers and encourage them to buy their product again. Most of the brands do so by using traditional methods such as putting a postcard saying “thank you” to the target audience. But this method has become old, and the customers are not impressed by this anymore. Inside printing is a good method to communicate effectively with the customers. Printing the encouraging words inside will impress the customers, and their experience with your brand will elevate. You can also print some kinds of limited offers and special discounts which your business is offering.

Theme customization is great:

In the e-commerce business, the inside of the box is equally important as it’s outside. This is because the design that continues inside of your box makes your product stand out. Not only that, but your box also makes a great backdrop for social shares in the market. So, impress the customers by customizing the interior of your pillow packages as per various event themes. For instance, you can print the names of the bride and groom on the inside flaps of pillow packages on the occasion of the wedding. For Christmas, you can print some illustrations of Santa Clause inside these packages to hook a larger customer base in the market.

Embrace minimalism:

While designing the interior of your pillow packaging, you must not clutter your design in the process of making it stand out. While trying to make the interior of your box outstanding, you might get tempted to use some infused drawings, diffusing colors, and complex font styles. This is not a good strategy as it spoils the experience of the customers. They are fed up with seeing bold and too many bold designs. Try something different by adopting the principle of minimalism to capture the heed of the target audience. Use minimal fonts that do not complicate the readability and visibility of the printed text. Identically, the patterns or drawings you use should look minimal so that they do not hinder the visibility of the illustrations and graphics printed inside your box.

In a nutshell, the inside of your custom pillow boxes as much star power as the outside. One of the best ways to enhance the experience of customers with your brand is to make them feel that they are part of something special. Customizing the interior of your box according to a particular theme goes a long way in this regard. Likewise, the attractive graphics, patterns, and colors printed inside will also captivate the customers.