Desktop vaping: how to use a bag style vaporizer


Desktop vapes are perfect for people who love kicking back at home. Not only do they offer a top quality vaping experience, but they are designed for people who aren’t always keen on heading out for a vape sesh.

Whilst bag style desktop vapes may seem tricky to get your head around at first they are actually very easy to use. All you need is a couple of sessions with the best dry herb vaporizer Australia has to offer and you’ll already be a seasoned veteran.

Whilst you will have the instruction manual there to guide you in the early days, check out this simple step-by-step approach to bag style vaping.

How to use your bag style desktop vape

The Arizer Extreme-Q offers an awesome bag style vaping experience for anyone looking to get a nice, clean and silky vapor.

Here is how to use your Extreme-Q:

  1. Grind your herbs: You need properly dried ground herb when vaping with any device and the desktop vaporizer – like the Extreme-Q – is no exception to this rule. You want to create a nice, consistent grind so that you can get a good vapor out of the material. You don’t want the herb to be too fine as it will vape too quickly but you also don’t want it to be too thick as it will struggle to produce a nice vapor. If you’ve already purchased yourself a high quality vaporizer like the Extreme-Q then you should go one further and pick up a high quality grinder – the two depend on one another to produce a good experience!
  2. Turn on your vape: Duh! Next, set the temperature using the “up” and “down” arrows. The smaller numbers that appear are the “desired” temperature numbers whilst the larger numbers are the temperature the vape is currently sitting on. The great thing about the Extreme-Q is that it remembers your preferred temperature each time you use it so when you power it back on for another session it will automatically set it to that temperature. Of course, you can change that again if your preferences change.
  3. Get the herb ready: You’ve already ground your herb – now it’s time to get it ready for vaping. The Arizer Cyclone Bowl is a great piece of technology and you simply place the herb on the screen before placing the bowl glass-side down on the Extreme-Q’s heating component.
  4. Mini-whip: Now grab your “mini-whip” and place it into the top of the Cycle Bowl screen-side down. Grab your glass-side mouthpiece with the balloon attached and put it into the Extreme-Q’s mini-whip.
  5. Let it fill: Now it’s time to pick your fan speed and let the balloon fill up with that nice vapor. One is the slowest speed moving up to three being the fastest speed. You might want to test these ratios until you get your preferred density vs. flavour profile happening. Once the balloon fills up you are good to go and inhale that sweet vapor.

See, using the Arizer Extreme-Q is super easy, just as using any desktop vaporizer is once you get the hang of it. It’s really not too different from other apparatuses, and comes with its own benefits that are making it incredibly popular and a vaporizer that is taking the market by storm.

So, grab your Extreme-Q and get ready to fill that bag – you’re in for an awesome vaping experience!