Different Types of 4 Door Wardrobes For Your Bedroom


Every piece of furniture in our home tells a story. However, none tells a more true and vivid tale than the wardrobe in our bedroom. Wardrobes are special because they hold our most intimate secrets, store our precious valuables and are a reflection of our personality. This is why it is important to select a wardrobe that suits our tastes and preferences. You may choose to buy a wooden wardrobe or a metal one, a wardrobe with single or multiple doors, as long as it fulfills your requirement. A room without a wardrobe will look messy and disorganised. A good wardrobe helps us store and organize all our clothes and accessories. Once our rooms are de-cluttered, our mind becomes free and we become productive. If you’re looking for innovative designs and prefer buying wardrobes online check the Wakefit website for some brilliant stuff. 

Why choose a 4 Door wooden almirah for the bedroom?       

Everyone has a different idea of the type of wardrobe that they require. Often, you will need to use your own creativity to design a wardrobe that best suits your requirements. If you have enough space, try incorporating a 4 door wardrobe that is big and spacious enough to hold the clothing and accessories of the entire family. It has massive storage space. The more storage space you have, the less clutter in the house.

Given below is a list of the different types of wardrobes that you may choose from:

Sliding wardrobes:

Sliding wardrobes are one of the most stylish and contemporary designs of wardrobes. They are mostly ideal for urban and compact homes. The wardrobe itself feels sleek and stylish. If you have a narrow bedroom with not enough space to open the door of the wardrobe, it is better to go with sliding door wardrobes. There will also be more floor space available if this wardrobe is selected. Sliding door wardrobes are the best way to free up space in the room so that you can walk around without any hindrance. It also helps avoid giving a cramped-looking feel to the room. Sliding doors may be made from materials like wood, glass, etc.

Hinged wardrobes:

Hinged wardrobes are the most common type and are used in almost every home. It is one of the most popular styles of doors. It is the simplest form of design, and also the most efficient of them all. The main advantage of this kind of wardrobe is that it gives a clear view of the entire wardrobe without blocking any side of it. The doors can be designed with handles or without handles. The hinged wardrobes feel very versatile and functional. Unlike the sliding wardrobes, they give complete access to all the items in your wardrobe. These are much safer as the doors can be easily locked. Apart from satisfying your storage needs and organizing your stuff, it gives the best aesthetic look to a traditional themed room. This is the most ideal choice for those who want a full view of the items stored inside the wardrobe. 

Wardrobes with mirrors:

Many of us choose wardrobes with mirrors for functionality and usage. But what most of us do not know is that these mirrors make a small room appear bigger. Mirrors increase the aesthetic appeal of the room. It is one of the smartest ways to add extra dimensions to the room. Moreover, having a mirrored wardrobe does away with the need to have a separate dressing table in the room. A dressing table with a mirror is costly and can take up too much space in the room making the place feel overcrowded.

Full-sized wardrobes:

Most people choose full-sized 4 door wardrobes as it covers the loft/upper-storage space in the room. Lofts are mainly used to store less-used items. Since a 4 door wooden almirah is large, it will help hide the items that need to be stored for a long period of time or are not meant to be displayed. A full-sized wardrobe can help you store your bags, trolleys, jumpers, bedding, etc on the upper shelves, and you can store your main items, like clothes, jewellery, etc. on the shelves below. 


Wardrobes have a great effect on your style of living and organisational skills. A wardrobe with limited storage will still make your room look cluttered and messy. If you’re the type of person who loves clothes and has matching accessories for each item, then start looking for a good quality 4 door wardrobe online. It’ll help you store everything safely and properly, and will help keep your room neat and tidy.