Do you have a recommended acrylic dip glitter powder?

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When you mention the word “nail art,” you may first think of “galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder,” but in fact, “nail art” can refer to the whole process from fingertip maintenance to nail polish coloring and the item that nail artists use to color nails is “acrylic dip glitter powder.” However, there are many choices of acrylic dip glitter powder on the market; how should I choose the best one?

What is the difference between “coloring” and “nail art”?

Generally speaking, in a “manicure,” the product used by the nail technician to color the nails is called “acrylic dip glitter powder.” A “manicure” includes a comprehensive hand maintenance process such as nail shaping, nail edge care, and finger coloring, while “coloring” is only the process of coloring the nails, that is, using acrylic dip glitter powder to apply beautiful color to the nails. Although sometimes commercially available products are labeled with different names such as “acrylic dip glitter powder” or “finger paint” depending on their characteristics or usage, they are actually the familiar “acrylic dip glitter powder.”

Key points of acrylic dip glitter powder

When choosing acrylic dip glitter powder, most people probably start with the color they like, but there are a few tips that you should not be unaware of. And first of all, we will introduce the key points to avoid failure without actually trying the color.

Choose according to your skin tone.

If you want to use Acrylic dip glitter powder to bring out your beautiful fingertips, we suggest that you refer to the following explanation and pick the right product according to different skin tones, such as fair skin and wheat skin.

A fair skin tone is suitable for a cool tone.

Fair skin can handle most colors, and it is especially suitable for cool colors, such as blue, aqua blue, navy blue, and blue-green, which are visually cool colors that can effectively complement the skin. In addition, neutral colors such as white or nude can create a sense of transparency, which is also quite suitable for fair-skinned people.

Yellowish skin is suitable for warm tones.

If you have yellow skin or a bronze complexion, you can choose warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow to bring out the moistness of your skin and earthy colors such as brown, beige, and skin white are also good options. However, pearlescent or polarized styles may make your skin look darker and duller, so don’t forget to pay attention when buying them.

Choose the type of style you like

The texture and effect of acrylic dip glitter powder are divided into many different types, such as transparency, glitter, pearlescent and other elements that will greatly affect the overall appearance and are even closely related to the good coloring or not; then we will explain from this part.

For those who are not good at coloring, we recommend bright pink or dark basic models.

Adding glitter acrylic dip glitter powder, whether it is a small light or sequins, can effectively reflect the light to modify the surface of the bump, and the more sequins, the less obvious the degree of uneven coloring; and dark monochrome opaque acrylic dip glitter powder because of the color saturation, it is not easy to show brush marks and shadows The darker the

monochromatic opaque acrylic dip glitter powder, the less likely it is to show brush marks and shadows. Basically, this type of acrylic dip glitter powder can be used by anyone as long as they are careful not to smear the edges of their fingers.

On the other hand, when using basic monochromatic nail colors, lighter white galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder tends to look uneven when applied, so brown or darker colors are more recommended than lighter pink colors.

Advanced or painted nail players can choose the shell color.