Doing nail art for a while is cool, but doing it all the time is not always cool!

nail art

It is said that everyone has a love of beauty, and many girls pay special attention to the care and grooming of their hands and choose to have their nails done.

However, frequent nail art is great harm to the body.

Today galglitter is going to educate you about

The hazards of frequent nail art

1, cause gray nails

Some stores provide unclean nail appliances; the use of towels, tweezers, shears, and other utensils simply can not do a customer change disinfection; operating sites and nail appliances are not disinfected, and hygiene is not up to standard.

The nail appliances are not disinfected as required, which can lead to fungal infection through nail tools to healthy patients easily infected with ringworm, gray nail, nail infection, hepatitis, and other diseases.

2. Easy to break and crack nails

Every time you do a manicure, you need to remove the nail and re-sharpen the nail, but our nails are fragile and cannot withstand multiple grinding, so doing it too often can easily damage the nail and lead to broken and cracked nails.

3, causing skin aging

Every time you brush nail polish, you have to shine a blue light to bake it dry; this kind of light can make the nail polish quickly harden and dry. However, this blue light is ultraviolet light, known as the long-wave black spot effect UV.

It has a very strong penetrating power. The hand into the body irradiation, each time 30 seconds – 40 seconds ranging, can reach the dermis layer of the skin, destroying elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and even causing skin aging and wrinkles to appear.

4, nail discoloration

The darker the color of the nail polish used, the more harmful it is to the nails. For example, dark red and black nail polish may be deposited on the nail and make the nail yellow.

5, there is a risk of cancer

Nail polish has a chemical called phthalate, and the content is high, which mainly plays a softening role.

This substance will enter the body through the respiratory system and skin and, if used excessively, will increase the chances of women suffering from breast cancer. In addition, many of the nail polish and nail enhancers used for nail art are unclear in composition and may contain toxic substances.

6. May cause miscarriage or fetal abnormality

Nail polish can cause fetal abnormalities, and nail polish commonly contains a substance called phthalate. This substance is likely to cause fetal abnormalities and miscarriage. It can enter the body through the skin, respiratory tract, and digestive tract and accumulate in the fatty tissue, which is not easily excreted.

If the residual concentration of this substance in the human body is high, it will harm the liver, kidney, cardiovascular and reproductive system and affect human endocrine function. Long-term use by pregnant women affects the development of the reproductive organs of infants.

7、Cross infection

Nail salons provide customers with unclean nail utensils, the use of towels, tweezers, shears, and other utensils, can not do a customer change disinfection; operating sites and nail utensils are not disinfected, hygiene is not up to standard, it is easy to disease. If the nail tools are not disinfected, it is likely to cause cross-infection.

8, breeding mold flowers

If the use of poorly permeable crystal powder, nail technician technology, and not too skilled, the bubbles and gaps formed in the nail become a breeding ground for bacteria.

After doing crystal nail for a period of time, the consumer’s fingernails are prone to inflammation, light itching, red and swollen, and crystal nail is likely to produce mold flowers.

Although doing nail art looks good, you should be alert to the hazards of frequent nail art and do a good job of galglitter glitter nail art protection.

The right way to do nail art

1, do not over-polish the nail surface

The nail is not only a good choice but also a good way to protect the nail.

2, shine the light. Remember to apply sunscreen

When baking nail art, you can apply sunscreen on your hands in advance to protect your skin and reduce the damage.

3、New nails grow out and then repeat

Frequent damage to old nails can delay the growth of new nails. If you must do a manicure, you can wait for the new nail to grow out before repeating it.

4. Pay attention to the number of manicures

The less often you do a manicure, the better. We must give our nails rest for 1~2 months after each nail removal anyway.