Top 5 Easiest Football Bets To Win In 2021

football bets

When people say, “you never see a bookie going out of business,” it is simply because of the way the general public wagers. 

To increase your chances of winning football bets, choose a different path than the rest of the throng.

What are the characteristics of a simple wager?

We should define what an ‘easy bet’ is before discussing the kind of wagers you should place. 

We are concentrating on areas where your picks have the greatest chance of arriving. 

Even so, there is still a chance of losing, so make safe bets on royal1688.

So, which football wagers are the simplest to win?

1. Goals that either too high or too low:

A market on how many goals there will be in a football match is one that almost all bookmakers provide. 

You are wagering on whether or not a particular match will have more or fewer goals than X goals.

The over/under market, on the other hand, offers tiers of choices, allowing you to adjust your wager and your winning odds with ease.

2. Goals during the first half:

Okay, so this market works in the same way as the above-described over/under goals bet.

 The main distinction is that you are just placing a bet on the first half of the game now. 

Under X goals in the first half are considerably more probable than throughout the entire 90 minutes to come in. 

As a consequence, your chances of winning will be reduced.

3. Double Chance Bet:

It is worth noting that almost all bookmakers provide a “double chance” wager. 

It is a wager that resembles a match result wager in that you may cover two possible outcomes of a match.

If you believe in pure chance, a football game has a 33.3% probability of a home win, a 45% chance of a draw, and a 50% chance of an away victory. 

You may increase your chances of winning by 66.6 percent if you use the double chance. 

Football, of course, is not a coin toss and is subject to many outside influences. 

4. Toss, but do not bet:

When it comes to betting on matches, there are two basic types of bets: match outcome and double chance. 

As a bettor, it is your responsibility to correctly anticipate the outcome of each match. 

If the game ends in a tie, you will lose your bet on the match outcome. 

With a draw no bet, you are not out of luck; but, you are also not getting the double chance payout. 

Instead, you will get your whole investment back in the form of cash. 

You may either win or lose your wager, otherwise your wager will be invalid.

5. Both Teams to Score:

To round off our list of the simplest wagers, we will include the “both teams to score” wager, often known as the BTTS wager.


u pick a match and then decide whether or not both sides score. You may say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to this question. 

It is as simple as picking a game where you think both sides will score. 

The sequence in which the goals were scored, the time is taken to score them, and the final score are all arbitrary. 

You win if both teams score, regardless of whether the side is at home or away. 

You lose if no goals are scored by either of your teams.


A single victory on a tough wager may be worth more than many losses on a simpler wager.

Even with considerable study, it is impossible to anticipate the outcomes of the more challenging bets, despite the allure of the higher odds. 

Nothing you read will offer you any real insight into how those wagers will turn out.