Efficient Kitchen Equipment for Healthy Cooking

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Rest only in our dreams!” – this phrase, perhaps, has become one of the most relevant in modern society.

This is especially true of megacities, where life flies at high speeds, which undoubtedly affects the habits and personal preferences of people.

As a result, society, having reconsidered priorities, put forward the issue of a healthy lifestyle. To which entrepreneurs working in the catering and trade industries immediately reacted.

As a result, proper nutrition has become a global trend. And even fast food companies have added “healthy” items to their traditional menu.

The cuisine of Japan, China, Vietnam is the standard of health. Therefore, restaurateurs who have chosen this direction for themselves, of course, have a great advantage over national establishments with Russian, Georgian or German dishes.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the latter have significantly succeeded in their desire to keep up with the times and diversified the menu with useful products.

First of all, vegetables, fish, dietary meat with the addition of a minimum amount of salt and cooked without the use of fat.

Salads are no longer richly supplied with mayonnaise, but dressed with mustard or yogurt sauce. 

Of course, such an update requires some changes in the kitchen equipment. First of all – special equipment for restaurants. We will talk about this in today’s review.


Simply declaring yourself a healthy food restaurant is not enough. Properly prepared foods are half the battle. It is important that the dishes are created from environmentally friendly, as it is now customary to say, farm products.

The Italians were the pioneers in this direction. It was Italian restaurants that were the first to cooperate with small farms that always supplied fresh and high-quality products.

They managed to achieve excellent results, one of the main ones is to attract people to a healthy lifestyle.

Organic food restaurants have become the most popular as a result. Permeability in them has increased significantly, profits have increased several times.

 In our country, the use of environmentally friendly products is also becoming popular.

True, the consciousness of people still associates a healthy diet with a vegetarian or medicinal one.

The solution to the problem is time. And the interest in their own health and well-being of a large percentage of the population suggests that Russia is also reaching a new level in the organization of catering enterprises.


Opening a restaurant always starts with concept development. At first glance, it may seem that it is almost impossible to add a twist in the direction of “healthy eating”.

Most restaurateurs deliberately refuse to implement the “healthy kitchen” project, explaining this by the following restrictions:

  • lack of smoking areas, which is unacceptable for some visitors;
  • exclusion from the menu of alcoholic beverages, the margin for which is always high, and the income from its sale is significant;
  • not for every Russian healthy products will be appetizing at the same time;
  • lack of domestic suppliers, which affects the increase in the cost of dishes.

 For example, using the theory of chromotherapy (the effect of light on digestion) will significantly expand the circle of guests. Purple, blue, blue color soothes, and has a sedative and anti-inflammatory effect.

Pink and red colors have a positive effect on mood, generating positive thoughts. Green balances the emotional background, yellow energizes, and orange relieves tension.

Chromotherapy can become your trick, because coming to such an interesting establishment, in addition to tasty and healthy dishes, the guest will receive a free relaxation session.

Another option is to eliminate the concept of serving and introduce a unit of weight for all products.

Cherry potatoes, brussels sprouts, corn, asparagus, legumes – small sizes will allow guests to enjoy a variety of vegetables and at the same time eat a lot of them.

The trend of recent years is the introduction of flower dishes to the menu.

Moreover, they act not only as an element of decor, but also as a side dish.

The content of a small amount of calories, medicinal properties and the presence of nutrients make these unusual “products” a new culinary trend.


Even the most healthy product requires proper preparation. Modern equipment should treat all products with care, reveal their taste characteristics and at the same time preserve useful properties.

Heating equipment is the basis of any kitchen. Cookers (gas and electric), ovens, cooking pots – all of them are designed to create tasty and healthy food.

Remember that the optimum frying temperature is 120°C. Cooking time in this case increases, but valuable components are not destroyed.

In addition, there is much less weight loss. In this case, it is not possible to achieve an ideal result without specialized equipment.

For most Russians, the cuisine of the East is an example of a healthy diet.

The basis of your favorite rolls and sushi is rice, which requires a rice cooker to cook.

In addition, the menu of Japanese and Chinese restaurants contains a large number of fish and seafood, which contain many useful trace elements.

At the head of all thermal technology are combi steamers. The ability to replace several types of heating equipment and simultaneously cook several dishes at once makes them indispensable helpers in the kitchen.

The electric combi steamer is ideal for establishments with high traffic. It works in several modes, including steam and convection.

In the combi steamer, you can cook meals for a dietary healthy menu without adding oil, eliminating the formation of carcinogens.   

Bread is considered the basis of a healthy diet, but not simple, but made from sprouted grains of wheat and wholemeal flour with the addition of bran.

Today, every cook and baker is able to prepare healthy pastries with a variety of vegetable and fruit fillings on the right dough.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right kitchen equipment for baking production.

The process of production of bakery products includes several stages. Each of them will require their own special assistants:

  1. dough preparation – flour sifter and dough mixer;
  2. work with blanks is impossible without a dough sheeter, dough divider and dough rounder;
  3. baking – begins with the process of proofing in special cabinets. Then the products are placed in the oven. For example, a convection oven for catering can provide uniform baking of products in a short period of time due to the convection function. With their help, you can diversify the menu with light fruit cakes. On the website of our company, you can pick up multifunctional electric and gas convection ovens.

It is impossible to imagine a healthy cuisine without vegetables.

Their processing requires technological equipment (potato peelers, vegetable cutters, slicers) and thermal equipment, since they are most often steamed.


Heat treatment of products is the main process in the preparation of the vast majority of dishes. It is performed by means of special equipment called thermal.

The presence of professional heating equipment in the kitchen is the key to the successful operation of a catering company.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s a roadside cafe or a fashionable restaurant.

High-quality units will provide uninterrupted service, allow you to bring to life a lot of culinary masterpieces, thereby maintaining the prestige of the institution at a high level.

When choosing where to go for lunch or dinner, people are guided by a lot of factors, but the quality of cooking is undoubtedly the key for which every restaurant requires good commercial kitchen equipment.

High -quality thermal equipment will allow you to process food products without any extra effort, preserve all their useful properties and unique taste – and as a result, present an appetizing, fragrant meal to the client.


Thermal equipment for catering establishments is presented on the market in a wide range and is designed both for the preparation of individual dishes and for the performance of a whole range of technological operations.

The most popular “representatives” of thermal kitchen units are:

  • plates;
  • cooking kettles;
  • ovens;
  • frying surfaces;
  • electric frying pans;
  • convection and rotary ovens;
  • combi steamers;
  • food warmers.


When choosing thermal units to add into the restaurant catering equipment, bar or cafe, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. The equipment must be durable, made of stainless steel, cast iron. Separate housing elements that are not exposed to heat can be made of high-quality plastic.
  2. It is extremely important that all parts subjected to intense (multi-factorial) impact can be easily replaced.
  3. The preferred type of connection is electricity or gas.
  4. The calculation of thermal equipment must be made based on the scale of production. The number of devices and all their parameters (power, performance) must clearly correspond to the needs and capabilities of the institution.
  5. Many models of equipment boast the presence of additional options.

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