Fantastic gifts to give your loved ones this Navratri

navratri gifts

In India, Navratri is a very celebrated and lucky holiday. This nine-day celebration honors goddess Durga’s nine manifestations and has a distinct meaning each day. Devotees celebrate by performing Garba, dandiya, or going to Durga pandals as they adore Maa Durga’s idol. There are countless reasons, just like for every other Indian occasion, to buy presents for your near and dear ones. People think that presenting gifts, especially gold, to their loved ones can improve their relationships and is also believed to be a custom to be followed because of the auspiciousness of the festival and the strength of Maa Durga. Indian families frequently exchange gifts without a good reason, especially during the holiday season. People hardly even give it much attention because it is more of a fixture of our traditions and practices. 

This post is for you if you intend to send lovely presents and wishes to your loved ones on this wonderful occasion of Navratri. We’ll give you some of the best Navratri online gift suggestions to give your loved ones this Navratri in 2022. 

Box of Dry Fruits 

A health gift! Give a box of dried fruits, including cashews, almonds, anise, betel nuts, raisins, walnuts, and others. The ideal Navratri gift for someone who observes fasting for the entire nine-day festival is a box of dried fruits. You will demonstrate your concern for them as they demonstrate their devotion to the goddess with this gift. 

Indian Sweets 

What do you think of Indian sweets? Isn’t it delicious? The sweetness can easily and quickly add enjoyment to anyone’s life. By the sayings “start with something sweet” and “a sweet thing will help you for goodness,” sweets are appropriate for starting a new chapter. 

God idol 

One of the best and most popular gift ideas for Navratri is this. You might give an idol of Deity Durga, Lord Ganesha, or any goddess a gift on this unique occasion of Navratri. These idols are offered in various shapes, sizes, and even materials. If you have enough money, you can give your loved ones a silver idol for this important occasion. However, there are plenty of other choices on the market, including brass, copper, stone, marble, bone china, crystal, and other materials. However, keep the size in mind when purchasing these idols. 

Handmade gifts 

Greeting guests at various locales or jumping the Pandal are other Navratri traditions. It calls for sorting the style quotient. Gifts made by hand can also enhance fashion, particularly handbags, which appeal to women of all ages. Therefore, as a gift for Navratri, get your mother, sister, wife, aunt, or lover a roomy, attractive purse. 


The noblest of all gifts are plants. A plant can be brought home or given as a gift any day. Plants give off oxygen, remove pollutants from the air, and make the air you all breathe healthier. According to studies, people who live near indoor and outdoor plants are calmer and have a healthier quality of life. Get these special Navratri presents for your loved ones and help the air breathe easier. 

Potli bag 

You can still give ethnic gifts using the lovely potli bags made of available fabric. You can choose potli bags made of jute, a present unique choice. Visitors who come to see the pandal or the antiques on display can receive colorful potli bags as gifts. Potli bags include laces that make them look like sling bags. You may place your accessories in it, including necklaces, money, jewelry, and even ear studs. It looks great when you wear a potli bag over a sari or any other type of traditional clothing. 

Flavoured Incense Sticks 

Incense sticks are the second-most important item during god worship, behind diyas. Giving fragrant incense sticks in various flavors is one of the most original and creative gifting concepts. Similar to the Navratri holiday, the aroma of peace and love will be conveyed using incense sticks. 

Chocolate And Flower Hamper 

The gift baskets are well-known and excellent for gift-giving. The chocolate hampers are the most popular ones for your friends or someone smaller than you if you’re thinking about giving them a gift. You can alter the chocolate’s flavor to suit the recipient’s preferences, then put the gift in a basket with flowers like roses for your loved ones. There are a tonne of internet shops that provide customers with personalized gift baskets. You can put together your favorite hamper and have it delivered to the desired location. 
Our festivals would not be complete without presents. We hope you enjoy these choices for Navratri gifts online for him or her . Enjoy the Navratri days and nights with your loved ones, create lovely memories, and have a great time. May Devi Durga purge every stress and tension from your life and infuse it with bravery and joy.