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Companies that require more powerful features than a standard accounting program should opt for. In addition to the most innovative built-in reporting capabilities as well as one-dimensional leadgers, this cloud-based solution with automatic updates also offers tools that can automate and speed up your financial processes.

It could be used in conjunction with various APIs, like Salesforce CRM, allowing you to have greater insight into your financials. Its primary focus is the management of subscriptions or contracts projects, project accounting, as well as multi-currency consolidations.

adjusts to your reports and workflows. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with other top-quality, sector-specific technology to give you the most customized solution. Financial professionals from a broad variety of industries depend on to give them the capacity, experience, and clarity they require to expand their companies.

Financial Services

Learn the ways enables you to connect data from various systems, track finances from different portfolios, easily combine performance across multiple operating firms, and generate an accurate and relevant report for the board.


Automate your financial operations, increase your knowledge of the hospitality industry, and make profitable decisions.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Rapid growth places pressure on the finance department in software and SaaS companies, which results in a greater complexity of accounting, a shorter time frame to make adjustments, and a greater number of reporting requirements. Even the most complex financial processes can be automated using which can also be adapted to your business’s needs and offers reports that are completely customizable.


Service providers typically handle many different financial obligations. In addition, they have to adjust to the changing needs of the business and their customers. It is comforting to know that I will be by your side through the midst of the aforementioned growth, diversity, and constant change.


Project and program management, as well as fund balances and complex reporting requirements, are only a few of the particular challenges faced by finance professionals working for non-profit organizations. With less reliance on cumbersome spreadsheets and greater visibility for managers, is able to aid you in solving these challenges.


will assist you in keeping track of your performance and managing your financial operations in a seamless manner while your healthcare company tries to grow, particularly across multiple websites.

Wholesale distribution

can be useful regardless of whether you are managing multiple websites, streamlining your purchasing process, or maximizing inventory. Learn more about how automates difficult tasks that meet your specific requirements and offers full transparency regarding the operations of your distribution business.

Make your whole company to the forefront

The visually-driven dashboards and flexible reporting provided by provide your business with all-encompassing visibility from every angle. To decide the areas for improvement or where to invest, you’ll view profit and loss by service or business region, manager, project type of customer, region, other dimensions and KPIs in real-time. To help your project teams make sound decisions, ensure that they have the security to accessing your data based on access rights.

Connect seamlessly to the world’s best items and products

Software for managing finances isn’t a stand-alone solution. In order to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage, it has to be integrated with other programs, including databases, software, and other tools. offers open integration to top-quality applications, ranging from CRM to resource and project management. With the ability to easily connect to, you are able to pick the one that works best for your business.

The advantages that can provide

The only solution for business finance that is recommended by AICPA is the top in-breed finance management software ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction. This is perhaps the reason why businesses offering professional services, like Tandem HR, Cameo Global, Smith Systems, and others, depend on them to streamline, automate, and improve their accounting processes. It also helps propel their companies towards new levels of success.