11 Pointers to Help You Select a Phone Number for Your Company


1. Begin the process prior to when you start advertising

When you’re first starting your company, it may be tempting to make use of the number you have already used to save money, however this could be an expensive mistake. It’s not as simple as you believe.

One reason is that reprinting documents containing your telephone number, such as letterheads and business cards, could be costly. Also, you’ll need to alter the advertisements that include your number, such as billboards, commercials, or even corporate vehicles that are branded.

In addition, the effect changing your phone number could impact your customers. If they call the older number, they could think you’ve left your business and instead call another.

2. Take a look at your options before you decide to commit

In contrast to choosing a new number for your cell phone in the event that you are adding a line your account, there are the option of choosing a company phone number.

Business numbers for free

When you’re starting out is likely to be trying to find ways to keep costs down. A phone number that is free for your company is a great option to achieve that. Apps such as Google Voice and eVoice offer no cost numbers, while offering all the features your company requires to ensure the success of your business.

Local numbers on phones

Local numbers begin with the local area code and is available from your local phone company. Local numbers are great for business as they’re not expensive to establish and can show prospective clients that you’re a part within their local community. The disadvantage is that local phone numbers aren’t equipped with essential features that businesses need such as extensions.

Toll-free numbers

Anyone can dial a toll-free number from landlines for free which eliminates long distance charges for the customer. Since the numbers belong to a national network, these provide your business a national presence and credibility that local numbers might not. You can identify a toll free numbers by the 800 number starting at.

Toll-free numbers are accessible by “responsible organizations” (RespOrgs) that collaborate in conjunction with the Federal Communications Commission to oversee toll-free numbers. There is an initial fee of a few dollars and a monthly cost for a number that is toll-free and you might be eligible to obtain one for free by using a VoIP service.

Phone numbers that are vanity

A vanity number is a form of toll-free phone number in which the phone number has easy-to-remember patterns. Sometimes these patterns are numerals (for instance 800-123-4567) and other times, the numbers contain terms that relate to your company.

The primary benefit of vanity numbers is the ease for your clients — as well as potential customers who view your advertising campaigns to recall.


The virtual numbers are often referred to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) make use of an internet connection instead of phone lines that makes them less expensive than traditional phone lines and also eliminates long distance charges completely.

VoIP numbers have additional features that other numbers don’t have such as extension, forwarding of calls and conference capabilities for calls. These features, along with their low cost make VoIP numbers popular with companies. However, it is important to ensure that you have a reliable internet connection because it can affect call quality and cause clients to lose their calls.

3. Set your priorities with the help of a number

Before you choose an amount, think about what you hope to achieve using it:

  • If you’re looking to demonstrate to your clients that you’re a part of the community, think about the possibility of a local number.
  • If you’re trying to establish credibility or establish a national footprint with a toll-free phone number, this is the most effective option.
  • Are you looking to increase awareness of your brand with the help of your phone number? You might want to consider an oblique number.

4. Decide what features you’ll need.

You don’t want to select an address and promote it only to find out that it’s not equipped with the elements your company requires.

Think about how you can make use of your telephone number for your business. Do you require the capacity to hold conference calls? Voicemail? Extensions? What features are you looking for could determine the kinds of business telephone numbers you are able to select from.

5. Opt to be simple

No matter what kind of number you select Choose the most basic phone number that you are able to. The brain is wired to keep patterns in mind and patterns, so make use of that by picking the number that has repeating numbers or with a certain pattern. For instance, 555-5555 is just one number, but 555-1234 is simple to remember since it is a number that counts.

6. Select an area code to the city that you’re near to

If your company is located on the edge of a city, but isn’t within the city’s area code, request the number that matches the same area code. This way, more people will believe that your business is located in the city, and they’ll have a greater likelihood to contact your business than if you’re using an area code that they aren’t familiar with.

7. Try codes toll free other than 800

1 800 numbers were in use since the 1960s’ end however, they are not widely available. As time passed, new toll-free numbers have been added such as 833 and 844. 855 is 866, 844, 877, and 833, 888, and.

If the 1-800 number you’re seeking isn’t in use, contact your service provider whether it’s another toll-free codes.

8. Be creative with your vanity number

Since businesses are aware of the value of vanity numbers Many of the most well-known ones you are looking for may already be in use. You might have to be inventive to locate a suitable vanity number.

For instance, if you run a law firm and you’re looking for the number that looks like 1-800-LAW-HELP however, it’s not available. Instead, consider creative options like 1-800-OHMYLAW.

9. Enter the number for your company

Calls from spammers are rising and people are turning to technology to detect and stop spam calls more than ever before. If your business’s phone number isn’t listed in the contact list of the person who you’re calling, it may be interpreted as spam and your customer may not hear from you.

To stop this from happening, register your phone number under your company’s name, not your personal. This gives your number credibility to analytics software that marks incoming messages as spam. thereby increasing chances to get a response from the number you’re trying contact will be able to answer the phone instead of forwarding your call to voicemail.

The procedure to accomplish this differs by provider, so make sure to talk with your provider during the set-up procedure to have your number associated with your company instead of your.

10. Make sure you test your number before you decide to share it with others.

Even though using a business card could make your company appear more genuine than any other method take, you shouldn’t hurry to print your business card when you receive your new business number.

Instead, offer your number to a family member or colleague, and ask them to call you. You can ask them to test any specific features you’ve registered for, such as leaving a voicemail, making a call recording or conference calling. Contact your provider if encounter any problems.

After you’ve confirmed that everything is working Then, start promoting!

11. Determine who’s going take your call.

You’ve carefully selected the ideal number for your company’s phone But have you considered who’ll actually answer when the phone is ringing? It’s more important than you initially thought as it’s typically the first interaction that a potential customer will make with your company. Anyone who answers the phone needs to be professional..

You could take the call however, you’re likely to have many other obligations in the business world so answering the phone by yourself can be more of a hassle than you think.

If you’d prefer someone else to take the phone, you could employ an internal receptionist however, you’ll have to pay the salary that is roughly $30,000 per year, in addition to benefits. It is also important to think about who will be answering the phone during lunchtimes or sick.

Another option is to employ virtual receptionists to take your business calls all hours of the day and night and during busy call times and after hours. Whatever business telephone number you select virtual receptionists are able to do the same things that your receptionist in-house can do, without the expense of hiring and learning one on your own.

Whatever telephone service you select and whether you go on a regional, toll-free or a vanity number, you should be available to answer each phone call. The companies that respond the best have more customers as well. Smith.ai’s virtual receptionists possess all the attributes you’re seeking when it comes to a receptionist. your customers won’t be aware that they’re talking to someone that isn’t in your office. The plans we offer are customized to your requirements, meaning your virtual receptionists are able to handle appointments, handle Live chats as well as run campaign outreach as well as blocking calls from spammers for no cost and making sure that you and your customers are content. Contact us and schedule a meeting today to find out more about the ways Smith.ai’s Virtual receptionists will assist to grow your business.