How fancy dab boxes can promote your business effectively? 6 tips


Fancy dab boxes are an ideal way to promote your business in the marketplace. They provide an elegant presentation and a complete assurance to your medicated cannabis products. The packaging is designed from premium-quality material to deliver these items safely. Designing them according to your branding specifications can bring a big boost to your business sales. Custom dab boxes increase the chance of your product getting considered in-crowd. Among several popular brands offering the same products, it becomes challenging for a new brand to establish its position. The packaging is available in all custom shapes and sizes according to your need. Thus an effective utilization of custom dab packaging can prove highly profitable for businesses. Here we are going to discuss 6 tips that can be helpful in this regard:

Tip 1: Match your packaging to your advertising campaigns

The word ‘synergy’ is getting trendy these days in the business world, but sometimes the companies fail to realize its importance. Synergy means combining two or more things to create something greater than their effect. You might have noticed that whenever a business comes in marketing campaigns, they ensure matching all the elements together. Whether it’s a commercial, billboard, radio ad, print advertisement, or even the packaging material all of them should look and feel the same. In the case of CBD products, dab boxes can help in promoting your business more effectively. Adding a simple headline, brand name, graphic, signature color or logo can make your products more recognizable in crowd.  Therefore, never forget to include packaging as a part of your marketing mix. When everything will look the same, it will make your products look smarter in the competition. As a result, the customer will start remembering your brand over others.

Tip 2: Promote your social media presence through Dab Boxes

The legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes has increased the competition across the retail sector. It has indulged businesses in a race to present their products more innovatively and creatively. To grab customers’ attention you have to give them a chance to interact better with your brand.

  • For this, you might include social media links on your Dab packaging. Go for sharing the accounts where you post most of your content or have the most followers.
  • Use main hashtags on your custom dab boxes. It will make customers more curious about your social media presence. As a result, they will use them in their posts and tweets.
  • Make customers share your product packaging and experience online. All these comments and retweets will create digital word of mouth for your business.

Tip 3: Add Surprising Promotional Elements

Customers love a wonderful unboxing experience. The right use of colors, graphics, logos, and other design elements can make them feel appreciated. It’s the point where adding some promotional elements to your packaging design can pay off.

  • Printing Coupon codes printed on the inside of your dab boxes can make customers feel ingenious in finding them. You may also go for a customized coupon code according to your product, customer, or the package itself. It’s a great way to help you track where the sales are coming from.
  • Including Contest elements like puzzles, games, or hints on your packaging for customers to make them seek out. It will make customers interact with your dab packaging for a long time. It can also make them share it with their friends. Also, it’s a better way to build a stronger bond with your business.
  • Add secret URLs that appear only on the wholesale boxes. It may lead the customers to special discounts or exclusive giveaways making them feel special buying from you.

Tip 4: Include Custom inserts and Little Gifts

Valuing the customer sentiments or saying thank you never goes unrewarded. It’s an effective tip to promote your business and establish goodwill. Such little gestures will motivate them to return to your brand again. For this you may:

  • Use thank-you cards. It is the best and easiest option and works well even in the case of dab packaging. Thanking the customer for trusting and purchasing your brand never goes unnoticed. Going for a hand-written or custom-printed one does not take much time.
  • Going for Product-specific add-ons can surprise and impress customers. In the case of cannabis products, you may add on any device or a sample of the new product with a new flavor to delight them more.
  • Introducing customer-specific samples for your CBD product is also a good marketing tactic. It makes customers pay more attention to your products.
  • Adding on a Random gift is just the fun. It can be anything like custom stickers, a gift bag, a discounted voucher, or anything related to the product. Your customers will never regard it as useless or unwelcomed.

Tip 5: Go for a Sustainable Packaging Solution

Now a day’s sustainability is itself becoming an effective strategy to promote your business in a retail marketplace. A bottled and jarred packaged goods is usually discarded at the moment the customer uses or consumes a product but a sustainable one will leave a long-lasting, positive environmental impact. The look and feel of the package are not the only things that can be customized. You can also go for customize the packaging material to make it more sustainable. An eco-friendly dab box is less likely to be thrown away. First, the customers will try to reuse it and then dispose of it off in the recycling bin. Sometimes the customers enjoy its design so much that they just want to keep it with them, saving it to end up in the landfill. Using green packaging material reduces the impact on the environment. It is easier to customize and ends up in more benefits, both for the businesses as well as the planet!