How Much Better Is Vaping than Smoking?

Better Is Vaping than Smoking

Vaping is something you probably hear a lot about these days. It seems like everyone is doing it. Vaping is the new big thing, and many people choose to smoke vape juice rather than traditional cigarettes.

This has led many people to wonder just how much better vaping is than smoking normal cigs.

This is something that’s being constantly debated online and if you haven’t made the switch yet, there are several things that you should know about vaping before making your decision and then buy from any vape shop online UK.

How bad is Vaping

Vaping took over in the early 2010s and has only got bigger since. Today most of the vape world has developed into an industry of its own.

Most people vape as a hobby and not for health reasons like they say.

But the truth is that cigarettes actually kill. They kill you slowly but they do it effectively.

On the other hand, doctors now think e-cigarettes are much safer than smoking cigarettes, and that they could help reduce nicotine cravings.

So here are some reasons vaping is much better for you than smoking cigarettes.

Improvement in endothelial function

Inhaling toxicants produced by burning tobacco leads to vascular dysfunction, which in turn is linked to cardiovascular diseases.

Research has found that switching from smoking office to vaping home can show improvements in a person’s endothelial function.

The study of smokers who have used e-cigarettes for one year finds an improvement in endothelial function and improvement in a measure of oxidative stress.

These improvements occurred despite reporting having smoked an average number of puffs per day and using a vaping device as well.

The study also found that during the one-year follow-up period, participants reduced their mean number of puffs per day, similar to what you would expect to see in regular smokers trying to quit.

Vaping Is Easy On the Lungs

Did you know that vaping causes less harm to your throat and lungs than smoking cigarettes? You might not have known because the media tends to shy away from reporting any benefits of e-cigarettes.

Vaping is the new alternative method to inhale nicotine instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Vaping has replaced the use of regular cigarettes in many areas and is becoming more popular by the day, mainly because this new form of smoking does not contain any harmful and known side effects that come with traditional cigarette smoking

Vaping Is Comparatively Environment Friendly

With vaping, no combustion by-products are released into the air. This is because among e-liquids’ 3 main ingredients: nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, only propylene glycol breaks down into formaldehyde when heated. So, even if you do have some e-juice with nicotine in it, inhaling propylene glycol won’t be nearly as harmful to your respiratory system or the environment as smoking cigarettes.

Bottom Line

Smoking can destroy your body.

Still, many smokers are not ready to give up cigarettes cold turkey, so they try different methods to help them with their cravings and wean themselves off slowly.

This is why many people have switched to vaping, a healthier alternative to smoking.

If you are serious about quitting smoking, then vaping is the best way for you to kick it. You will feel confident, smarter, and active after using it a few times.

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