How much will your Snap score increase per snap in 2024?


Want to know how your Snap Score will increase with every snap you send out? You’ve come to the right place. I’ve used Snapchat for a long time and can guide you confidently through Snap Scores. This article will provide you with a detailed and clear understanding of Snap Scores, making it a valuable resource.

How much does your Snap score increase per snap?

Each snap that you send or receive increases your Snap Score by one point. This pattern has been consistent throughout my time using the platform. You’ll be in for a pleasant shock if you decide to stop using Snapchat for a couple of days.

The first shot you take after this break can increase your score by six points. There’s still more. You can earn points for sending a snap to more than one friend. You can also get extra points for the actual snap.

If you send 10 snaps to friends, your score will increase by 10 to 11 points. This little bonus can add up, especially if your circle of friends is large.

What does Snapchat score mean?

Snap Score is the reflection of how you use Snapchat. After spending a lot of time using the platform, it is clear that the number you receive is not random. It’s based on your interaction with the app.

Snap Score is based on your actions. Whether you’re sending and receiving Snaps, posting Stories, or participating in other activities, some of which are still a mystery, all these things contribute to it. This feature gives the app a playful and competitive edge, which encourages users to be active and stay connected. This is not just a simple score, but a reflection of your Snapchat journey and interactions.

How is Snapchat score calculated?

Snapchat is very secretive about how it calculates the Snap Score, but I have figured out a piece of the puzzle from my use and observations. Your score is not just determined by the snaps that you send or receive. Other actions, such as posting stories, watching Discover videos and engaging in them, are also important.

Daily Streaks

Snap Streaks or Daily Streaks have become an integral part of my Snapchat experience. Snapstreaks are a simple concept. When you and a buddy send snaps within a 24-hour period for consecutive days, a Snapstreak is started. Maintaining these streaks is not only rewarding but also fun, as they increase your Snap Score. The more days your streak has lasted, the brighter the flame emoji will be next to the name of your friend.


When I shifted my focus to Stories, it became clear that they are more than just an easy way to share a moment. Posting Stories can be another way to boost your Snap Score.

Each post counts towards your score, regardless of whether your stories are visible only to selected friends or to everyone. This feature enhances your Snapchat profile and also helps you to increase your Snap Score with every story that you share.

Discover Videos

Discover is the section of Snapchat that offers a wealth of interesting content. It’s also an excellent place to boost your Snap Score. I’ve spent many hours exploring the videos of media partners, creators and public figures.

Engaging with this content is more than just entertaining. Watching Discover videos adds subtly to your Snap score, making every viewing session rewarding for boosting your Snapchat presence. This is a great way to stay informed and entertained, while simultaneously increasing your Snapchat engagement metrics.

Send multiple photos

It’s easy to improve your Snapchat score, especially if you send multiple snaps. My score has steadily risen since I started sharing snaps regularly with friends. Snap Score is calculated by adding a point for each snap you send. This reflects your active participation on the platform.

Here’s one tip that I found to be particularly useful: send snaps at the same time to several friends. This method not only spreads the fun, but it can also boost your score. This is a quick and easy way to increase your Snapchat numbers, and keep your Snapchat presence strong.

Open All Your Unread Snaps

It’s more than just a way to stay in touch; it is a strategy for increasing your Snap Score. I never leave any snaps untouched. Each snap that you open will add a small spark to your Snap Score. This is an easy but effective way to maintain a high score. This is one of the easiest actions you can do, and it will add a big boost to your engagement metrics over time.

Snapchat: Be Regular

Regular Snapchat use is important. As I use the app every day, I’ve noticed that my score has a consistent pattern. Your Snap Score will increase steadily if you use the app regularly. This shows that you are actively engaged with it. Snapchat will often reward you with an increased score if you take a short break, and return later. This is a nice little bonus that encourages you to get back into the world of snapping, sharing and interacting.

Post More Stories

Posting Stories regularly on Snapchat will fuel your Snap Score. It’s become a habit for me to share small bits of my day via Stories. Each story you post is a step towards a higher Snap score, which reflects your active participation and visible on the platform. This is a quick and easy way to maintain your Snap Score.

Add more friends on Snapchat

Extending your Snapchat circle is also important. It’s not just about expanding your network, but also about boosting your Snap Score. When I keep snapping with my friends, I notice a noticeable boost in my Snap Score.

Snap Score is not only about the quantity. The constant interaction with your wider network enhances your Snapchat experience, and in turn, helps you to achieve a higher Snap Score. It’s all about making connections and ensuring that those connections are vibrant and interactive.