Get The Complete guide on how to change credit card PIN


With the emergence of cashless payment methods as staple methods all around the world, credit cards are now one of the most common ways of making payments. In fact, with multiple banks offering a wide range of cards with different privileges and amenities, credit cards have indeed proved to be a way more lucrative payment method when compared to cash. Add to it the fast and simplified application procedures, which allow the customers to apply for the best credit cards from the comfort of their homes, bypassing all the hassles of queues and paperwork.

But with a lot of people majorly concerned about the security aspect of credit cards, companies have designed a dual security check. The standard practice with cards is to use a magnetic strip at the back of the card to be read by the swiping machine, along with a PIN to be provided by the customers themselves. This dual security check makes credit cards secure. However, certain situations may arise that call for the PIN to be changed. Here is a guide on when and how to change credit card PIN.

How to change credit card PIN?

Credit card PIN is a 4 digit code unique to each card that acts as the additional safety measure and allows only the person with both the card and the PIN to make the payment. It is advised that one changes their PIN regularly to avoid any malpractice. Also, if the card gets misplaced or stolen, it should be the customer’s first priority to change the PIN along with taking legal action so as to stall any illicit transfer, in case the PIN gets compromised somehow. 

Other than this, the most common scenario when a credit card PIN is required to get changed is when the customer happens to forget it. Hence, it is absolutely necessary for all customers to be aware of the procedure to change their credit card PIN. The two most common ways are through ATM machines or via net banking. Here is a step-by-step guide that should help, no matter which option you choose.

  1. How to change credit card PIN via ATM: The steps to change one’s PIN using the ATM involve using the card and entering the current PIN. Hence, it is only a viable option when one has both the card and the PIN. The steps involved are as follows:
  • Locate an ATM of the bank that issued the card
  • Insert the card in the ATM machine
  • Choose the language of preference
  • Enter the current PIN
  • Choose the “Change PIN” option
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP
  • Enter the new PIN of your choice
  • Re-enter the PIN and choose “Submit”
  1. How to change credit card PIN via Net Banking: The steps to follow in case of net banking do not require the card or the current PIN, and this method is mostly used in case of card misplacement or loss of PIN. The steps to be followed are:
  • Log into your net banking account
  • Enter the credit card window 
  • Choose the option to “Change PIN”
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered number
  • Enter the OTP 
  • Enter the new PIN of your choice
  • Re-enter the new PIN and choose “Submit”

Once the PIN has been successfully changed, the bank issuing the card provides the customer with official notification, in case one hasn’t attempted to change the PIN and still receives the notification, it is important that they immediately inform the bank authorities.

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