How to Choose a Pressure Washer?

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Cleaning with high pressure

Commonly called Karcher, which took its name from the dominant German brand on the market, the high-pressure cleaner is the ideal tool to maintain different types of surfaces, such as the front of your house, walls, terrace, car, pool walls, and many other outdoor surfaces. However, depending on the price of the Karcher, its equipment, its features, or the frequency of its use, not all models offered on the market today can clean all these spaces, each model has its specificity. In this new article, we reveal the criteria about washer and dryer repair shop Lafayette in CA that will allow you to see more clearly to choose your Karcher?

A Karcher, High-Pressure Cleaner for What Use?

The best thing to do before buying a pressure washer is to identify which type of device will suit you best according to the use you will make of it, the speed of the work, the desired cleanliness but also the comfort of use.

The Pressure of the Karcher

In other words, it is the force with which the water is propelled. In general, depending on the most commonly used models, the pressure varies between 150 and 250 bars. However, as we often hear, pressure is not the only criterion to be taken into account. It is the combination of flow rate, power, and various features that is important and that will affect the efficiency of the pressure washer.

The Flow Rate of the Pressure Washer

It is expressed in liters per hour. Depending on the model of the high-pressure cleaner, the flow rate varies. There are about 300 liters per hour for the most common Karcher and 600 liters per hour for the most expensive Karcher.

The Power of the Pressure Washer

Power is the efficiency and speed of the powerhead. It is expressed in watts. Depending on the model, the power varies between 1400 and 4000 watts.

The Length of the Cable of the Karcher

As we know, water and electricity are two elements that can be very dangerous if they are combined. Choose a power tool with a long power cord. Also, for safety reasons, avoid using extension cords to connect your pressure washer to an electrical outlet.

Pressure Washer Accessories and Features

The various pressure washers are more or less sophisticated in terms of features and accessories. These accessories help save time, and secondly, they make your machine easier to use, in other words, more ergonomic. Therefore, the price differs from one-floor cleaner to another. Think about the tools you would need to complete your cleaner and, before purchasing, check that they are adaptable to the model you have chosen. Not all accessories are compatible between brands.

You will find in the store various items such as rotating brushes, which are very effective for cleaning a facade or a terrace floor, special car brushes, telescopic hoses, extensions or adapters for the garden hose, nozzles for adjusting the pressure of the jet, detergents for disinfecting a surface, sandblasting kits for stripping gates, and other innovative features that will allow you to make the best use of your pressure washer.

How Often You Use Your Pressure Washer?

Ask yourself how often you want to use your pressure washer. That’s because the pressure of a pressure washer affects its performance.

For occasional use, choose a pressure of 100 to 120 bars, so you can wash your car, your terrace, or your garden furniture. This type of cleaner is particularly suitable for wooden surfaces that cannot withstand too much pressure, as the wood may become brittle or even crack under high pressure.

For occasional use, a pressure of 120 to 140 bars is necessary, this type of use is intended for work such as washing floors and tiles, gutters, a façade. Find our 130 bar K 1050 TS high-pressure cleaner here.

For frequent use, a pressure of more than 140 bars is adequate, it allows you to clean walls, metal grids, engines and adapts to any type of surface. This cleaner is particularly suitable for professional use.

You now know the main criteria for choosing your future Karcher! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Mr. Jardinage team, we will be happy to help you and answer your questions! See you soon for more gardening tips!

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