How to Choose the Best RV for Your Next Travel


With so many variants of RVs available in the market, there is no wonder if the buyer feels a bit baffled to make the right choice. But you feel this way only when you are less aware of the in and out of these RV types. Even a basic knowledge on each of them will come handy to you while choosing the right RV for yourself and your family. 

So, here is a brief note on the major types of RVs you will find in a reputable floor like that of the Spring Valley RV dealer

Travel trailers are one of the most popular types of RVs that are non-motorized. These are RVs that offer varieties of size options to the buyers, including a small jellybean-shaped model that is able to provide you amenities like a kitchen at the rear end, attached to the massive mainstay-on-wheels. They come with big size picture windows and a sliding glass patio door. You can order your travel trailer in multiple slide-outs which can be expanded at your will just to create some extra living spaces.

The travel trailers offer various floor plans, wherein you can get couples coaches, rear kitchen floor plans and bunkhouse models, depending upon the kind of sleeper accommodation you need. 

Fifth Wheel

Sometimes also known as camping trailer, the fifth wheel is an RV that usually consists of a prominent overhang that rests above the bed of the towing truck. They are often employed with a bedroom suite, a living room and a fully equipped kitchen. Additionally some of the fifth wheel models can also have a “pass-thru” passage at the basement.

Toy Hauler

The toy hauler is one of the most desirable RV form which originally appeared in the shape of a mobile man-cave. Today the toy haulers come with a much evolved concept of open living spaces that serves the purpose of multi-utility.

A toy hauler can also be taken as a travel trailer, or a fifth wheel, and even be called as a motorhome since it can possess many common attributes of each, while offering one added advantage that makes all the difference. It is that in every toy hauler there will be a garage space to park your mobile toys or even a four wheeler vehicle that can be loaded and unloaded through a huge ramp that makes this space easily accessible. 


Built mostly as commercial trucks and buses, the motorhomes can be divided into three distinctive classes, A, B and C. The motorhomes are the largest of RVs you can find. According to the number of sleeping accommodations you need, the size can vary. But every motorhome will have a complete home unit with sitting area, bedrooms, kitchen and washrooms. Depending upon the space you need for each, and the furnishing and equipment you wish to install in, the class will be denoted, whether to go for the A, B or C class to serve all your travel requirements. Now that you know the basic types of RVs, you need not delay your visit to the Spring Valley RV dealership to find the perfect model for your next travel.