How to Choose the Right Pool Design for Your Backyard


You may be looking forward to installing a pool to increase the value of your home or to simply transform your backyard into a refreshing oasis. It is an exciting journey but you may be overwhelmed with all the swimming pool design inspirations you saw on Pinterest. Well with some research and professional guidance, you can choose the right pool design that suits your space, style, and needs perfectly. 

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of selecting the ideal pool design for your backyard, ensuring that your outdoor retreat becomes a true paradise.

Evaluate Your Backyard 

The first step in choosing the right pool design is to assess your backyard space. Take a good look at the available area and consider the following factors:


Determine how much space you can allocate for your pool. Measure the dimensions carefully, keeping in mind that you’ll need some additional space for pool decking, landscaping, and safety features.

Layout or Shape 

Consider the shape of your backyard. Your Backyard may be a narrow space that calls for a lap pool, or it may have an expansive area that allows for creative pool shapes. 


Ensure there’s convenient access to your pool area from your home. Consider how people will move between the house, pool, and any outdoor living spaces.

Define Your Purpose

What do you envision using your pool for? Your pool’s purpose will influence its design. If you want a pool primarily for family fun, consider a classic rectangular or freeform pool with plenty of space for pool games and lounging. Contact a professional in-ground swimming pools rome ny company and get the pool of your dreams.

If swimming laps is your goal, a long, narrow lap pool might be the best choice. For those who love to host poolside parties, consider a design that includes a large shallow area, a deck for seating, and space for a barbecue. 

Add Water Features 

Adding water features and extras to your pool can enhance its visual appeal and functionality. Here are a few ways to enhance the appearance of your swimming pool.

  • Cascading waterfalls create a serene atmosphere and can help mask noise from nearby streets.
  • Fountains add elegance and the soothing sound of running water to your pool.
  • A built-in spa or hot tub can be a luxurious addition for relaxation and hydrotherapy.
  • Incorporate fire pits or fireplaces for cosy evenings by the pool.

Construction Costs

The size, shape, and features of your pool will impact the initial construction cost. Consider the following features when installing a pool:

  • Larger pools require more maintenance and cleaning, which can increase ongoing costs.
  • Invest in energy-efficient pool equipment and consider solar heating options to reduce long-term operating expenses.
  • Budget for landscaping and pool decking, as well as any additional features like outdoor furniture or a pool house.

Legal and Safety Rules

Before finalizing your pool design, check local building codes and regulations regarding pool construction and safety. These regulations may dictate fence height, pool depth, and other safety measures you need to implement. 

Ensuring compliance is essential to avoid any legal issues and, more importantly, to keep your family and guests safe. You need to ensure safety features especially if you have children.