How to Do a Modern Living Room Makeover?

How to Do a Modern Living Room Makeover?

Do you want to redefine your living room with style and elegance? Have you thought about a modern makeover? Well, if that is the case, this post has all the right angles to help you with the task. When you have an open space, you need a modern dining set and some other essentials to fulfill the purpose of your living room.

My living room, for instance, is a personally designed space with a neutral color palette. It is also mandatory to create a sitting area as well as lots of home décor items. But first, make sure to keep it minimal! Furthermore, remember that modern art and décor are all about a minimalistic approach. Here, less is more.    

So, make sure you arrange the following items in the right place and in the correct manner. Let’s get started: 

  1. Create a sitting corner
  2. Add floor cushions
  3. A modern coffee table in the middle
  4. Use a Moroccan rug
  5. The Modern dining set at the extreme corner
  6. DIY an art ledge
  7. Tall faux plant
  8. Paint it grey!
Modern Living Room Interior Design Ideas | Small Living Room Home Decorating  Ideas
  1. Create a sitting corner:

We all love to entertain our guests in a well-set living room. Above all, we need to relax in our personal space. That is why you need to design your place for yourself first. If a modern makeover is what you want, create a sitting corner in your existing living room. Try these tips for the sitting area:

  • Arrange the couch or sofa set in an L-shaped section.
  • Try to design it alongside the windows.
  • A neutral couch is a top suggestion.
  • All of the sitting elements must rest on the area rug.
  • Try not to over-accessorize with more cushions. 
  • Also, point the sitting area towards your TV.
  1. Add floor cushions:

People seem to forget floor cushions these days. Well, it is to remind you that modern living rooms are better with fewer sofa cushions and more floor cushions. In addition, two fluffy floor cushions will work for an average living room. But, go for printed or leather poufs if you have children at home. 

  1. A modern coffee table in the middle:

The next update is to place a coffee table in the middle of the sitting area. The black base gives off a bold, sleek, and contemporary vibe, while the glass top adds a sense of openness. Moreover, there is plenty of room for books and décor on double-surface coffee tables. And guests can place cups on them when you host a gathering.

  1. Use a Moroccan rug:

An area rug is the perfect decorative accent to change your living room décor. But, to be more specific here, Moroccan rugs are the best to add flair to your room. For example, a black and white area rug will fit any style and size of the living area. But, make sure to place all of the furniture and floor elements on the area rug. It is how you create a modern but minimal makeover. 

  1. Modern dining set at the extreme corner:

If you have an open living area, consider one corner to create a dining area. The one that is opposite the sitting will work perfectly here. So, get another vibrant rug piece to accommodate modern dining set on it. It will create an alternative focal point in the open living space. This way, you can also serve them hot cookies fresh from the oven. Plus, a dining table with four chairs will suffice the corner sitting. 

  1. DIY an art ledge:

Why purchase every little thing when you can DIY? Yes, you can easily and quickly design an art ledge in your living area right above the couch. In this case, you need a bamboo ledge that can fit three or more frames on it. Moreover, it has to be firm and sturdy for the wall to carry the weight. Now, get your lovely pictures framed and display them on the art ledge. Also, synchronize the frames in terms of their size.

  1. Tall faux plant:

Fake home plants are the new trend in home décor these days. Not all plants can survive indoor climates. That is why faux plants or basket plants are perfect for adding greenery to your home décor. So, get a tall potted plant for a modern living room makeover and place it beside the sofa set or window side. 

  1. Paint it grey!

Well, reimagine your empty living room. Now paint it grey in your subconscious mind. One by one, place all of the above home décor elements in that bare grey room. Also, see if anything is missing or flat. I chose grey for my living room for obvious reasons. For starters, it is the perfect shade to go with a minimal but modern theme. It is sleek, trendy, and comfy for inmates and visitors alike. 

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A modern living room makeover is a quick and easy hack if you have the proper elements and a purely aesthetic sense. This tiny guide will help you get it right. Start by creating a sitting area with floor cushions and a coffee table. Use Moroccan rugs under the modern dining set and the couches. DIY an art ledge and paint the walls grey. Go and start the makeover today!