Implants Dental

Implants Dental

The goal of dentistry for many years has been to develop a reliable system for the restoration of lost teeth, based on a solid base or root in the jaw bone.  This tooth replacement technique is dental implants.  Dental implants offer the highest quality results in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The ability to safely place a material in human bone and have a reasonable time expectation of successful operation was discovered by the pioneering professor PI Brain mark in Sweden about 40 years ago. 

The keys to implant therapy are:

  1. the use of high purity titanium, highly biocompatible with bone,
  2. their shape
  3. the specialized installation technique.

This type of implant is by nature very different from the types used in the past with questionable results.  Brain mark’s initial studies were in patients who had no teeth at all.  Despite the objective difficulties, the success rates were quite high.  We would say that, in general with this type of treatment, we expect over 90% success rate in 15 years.

Success factors

It is recommended that each patient take some time and be informed as much as possible about the treatment options available for his or her case as many factors can affect the success rate of implants.

Below is a brief summary of the most important

The quantity and quality of bone.  

The more bone there is around the area where the implant will be placed, the stronger its safety and stability.  The quality of the bone, i.e. how strong and healthy it is, also plays a very important role in its biological stability.

The number of implants used to restore an area of ​​lost teeth must be sufficient to cope with the corresponding functional loads of chewing.  For example, if a large bridge of many teeth is placed on only two implants, it is possible that these implants will not be able to withstand the weight of chewing and will break or loosen from the bone and be lost.

General health 

The general health of the patient also plays a very important role.  Especially when the patient is a smoker or suffers from metabolic diseases.  In particular, smoking on the one hand prevents the smooth healing of implants after their surgical placement and on the other hand constantly burdens the health of the gums in general (and therefore the gums around the implants) because it reduces their defence against pathogenic germs.  Smoking is considered the No. 1 threat to implant loss.  From a nutritional point of view, well-regulated levels of cholesterol as well as vitamin D, in more and more studies, seem to play a key role in the functional and aesthetic longevity of implants.  Our bones must always be in good condition if we want to keep our teeth and implants strong.  Conditions that affect the general health of the body, such as osteoporosis, diabetes and other metabolic and haematological diseases, must be monitored and regulated for life.  In addition, let us not forget that physical exercise is essential for all of us.

Implants as oral hygiene

Implants  are affected by the overall condition of the teeth as well as the level of oral hygiene.  The presence of damaged teeth that are foci of germs or that are not functional during chewing, burden the implants due to possible microbial infections and / or overload.  Daily oral hygiene is essential to be meticulous.  Implants do not forgive negligence of daily care, the presence of plaque and stone and the growth of pathogenic germs in their environment.  Careful brushing of the teeth with a clean toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste, as well as the use of interdental cleaners (floss, interdental brushes), are necessary actions that must be repeated daily morning and evening.

Dental implant treatment 

Of great importance, especially nowadays with the particularly stressful lifestyle, is the control of the parafunctional forces that develop in the jaws with the clenching or grinding of the teeth, which is called bruxism.  It is estimated that 90% of the world’s population suffers from bruxism of small or large degree.  During bruxism, shear forces and tendencies develop between the teeth many times normal, which are able to cause extensive structural damage to the teeth, implants and prostheses.  It is important to diagnose in time the dysfunctional tendency that a mouth may have and to take the appropriate prevention and protection measures immediately with the use of a suitable splint.  The patient must be prepared to deal with premature damage and treatment failure.

Dental implant treatment 

Regular visits to the doctor’s office are necessary with a frequency that will be indicated by the dentist, depending on your needs.  Visits are determined by the extent of dental / implant treatment and the biological hazard of the mouth – periodontal condition, tendency to caries, bruxism.  Patients with periodontitis or rapidly decaying teeth should visit the dentist three to four times a year.  For those who do not have such high risk factors, a simple brushing twice a year (every six months) is enough.  The complete clinical and radiographic examination of the implants and the careful adjustment of the convergence at specific intervals, are very important for their proper monitoring and good maintenance so that they remain in the mouth for many years.

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