Is Advantages And Disadvantages Of 5g? Worth to You?


Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G – Every 10 years new mobile technology comes. Which makes mobile technology reach the top not one.

First came 1G which was launched in the 1980s and because of this, cell phones could be talked about. With the help of 1G, the era of voice calls came and it was a new dimension in the field of mobile.

After this came 2G, which provided the facilities of calls and messages from digital signals of new technology instead of analog signals.

2G was launched in the 1980s and its special thing was that calls and messages were between two people and no one could hear or read them in between. This feature was not present in 1g. 2G was the first step where privacy was given importance.

When did 3G start?

After this 3G network was started in 1998 and it completely digitized the whole world i.e. with the advent of 3G, there was a big change in the field of internet in the world. Whatever call, message, video call, online message, from waking up this morning to sleeping at night, it is all because of this. This is where the world of the Internet started. A new type of calling technology came in 3G, out of which we know today as video calling and audio calling.

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When did 4G start?

After this, 4G was introduced in 2008, which increased the speed of the internet even more and with it enabled features like HGTV and gaming, smooth gaming can be done only with the help of 4G and with the help of this we can make HD TV. I can enjoy videos.

What is 5G? Let’s know?

Now let’s talk about 5G. Which started spreading in 2019. With this, the work done by 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G can be done, as well as a new feature of machine to machine communication has also come in it. About which the company will now promote and spread further. It is being estimated that the speed of 5G can be 100 times more than 4G and the speed of traveling of information will be very fast.

5G technology will be called the “Internet of Things” because it will be used everywhere from cars to bikes. It can be guessed from this that, in today’s time, the Internet has become the biggest means of taking and giving information. Now any information is just a search away from us. But one thing must be kept in mind while running and using it, that not every information shown on the Internet is correct.

Nowadays one such piece of information is spreading very fast on the Internet and that information is that due to 5G there is going to be a lot of damage or for human life where it has so much benefit, it also has as much damage.

What is the difference between 4G and 5G?

Actually, G stands for “generation” in 4G and 5G., both of which are mobile networks that bring the Internet to you. Mobile networks are made up of three things and due to lack of any one of them, the whole system gets messed up or messed up.

The first part is the Radio SS network. Actually, this is the part to which your phone is connected. Its antennas are found on the roofs of your city and antennas are also installed on the top of the tower. Next comes our core network. Which is the most important part of the mobile network. Because of this part, whomever you want to message or call, it becomes possible because of this. Finally comes the transport network, which serves to connect the Radio SS network and the core network.

Now let’s talk about that part due to which many people are scared just thinking that it can cause a lot of harm to a person. We are talking about the webs emanating from mobile and electronic devices, which are called radio waves in scientific language. Because it was first released by radio devices.

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These webs are being used in communication for more than 120 years. Radio waves are also electronic magnetic webs like lights. Which is made up of a particle called a photon. The frequency of radio waves is many times less than the frequency of light. This means, it can easily go to any corner and can also cross any wall or building which cannot light and for this reason it is used in communication.

Now you must have understood that, even when you are in a closed room, how we are able to talk to anyone or run the net. This basic information is enough to understand that what are the disadvantages of 5G? With the advent of 5G, the bandwidth will increase a lot.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth pepper means “space required to travel any web”. Back in the era of 4G, fewer towers could cover a larger area because bandwidth was less and fewer people used the internet. After this came 4G, which further reduced the area of bandwidth, that is, now you started needing more towers to reach the network.

And now due to the arrival of 5G, a tower will be able to reach the network only for a very short distance. This means that due to 5G, the number of towers will increase a lot. With the advent of 5G, the tower will be able to reach the network only for a very short distance. This means the number of towers will increase drastically.

What are the disadvantages of 5G?

Like I mentioned in the beginning that network radio waves work on SS whether it is 4G or whether it is 5G. A Radio-frequency of 6 GHz will be used in 5G network and the problem is that radio waves of this frequency are also used in satellites. This means that in the coming time when 5G will be used more. Then these radio waves will start to dissect each other. Due to this either satellite communication will suffer or it may happen that both of them create problems for each other.

It is estimated that by 2025, there will be 2.6 billion 5G customers. Then 125 billion devices will be powered by 5G which is not good for our environment. If this really happens, then it will be the sharer of 14% of the world’s global warming. Its biggest loss has been especially changed in the ecosystem of animals i.e. birds. Research conducted by Panjab University shows that when sparrow eggs were placed around a 5G tower, a change in the size of its eggs was found and it took only between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Happened. All this happened due to the radiation of 5G.

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The research was also done in Spain, in which it was found that due to the radiation of 5G networks, the power of birds to make nests was also decreasing and the power to find their young was also decreasing. When the radiation of 5G affects the birds, due to this they forget their way home and the birds who migrate from one place to another every year will not be able to do the same. Due to this, there is also a possibility of extinction of many birds. Similarly, with the advent of 4G, the sight of sparrows had stopped. The effect of 5G is not only on birds but also on bees. When bees are exposed to 5G radiation, they forget their homes and even die.

What are the benefits of 5G?: People are eagerly waiting for 5G. Because this will be a huge change happening in the internet world. Because it will have many times more speed than 3G and 4G. This will get the job done in a jiffy. You will get a good internet speed in working. This will also save time because, suppose, where you used to take 5 minutes to do a task from 3G, 4G internet, now with the arrival of 5G internet, this work will be done in a pinch and it will also be very easy to work.

With 5G you will get a decent speed in gaming. Due to which you will have a lot of fun playing online gaming. Along with this, it will also give good speed in downloading. Suppose you have to download a video, audio or a movie, then where earlier it was downloading in a long time, it will happen in a pinch as soon as 5G comes and you can download audio video and movie in a pinch and save it in your phone or laptop. can do. And it will make a big difference in communication facility or online marketing. Because if the internet speed is good then it will also be fun to work so that no one will face any obstacle in working.

What is E-West? And what effect will it have on human life?

However, it does not have any direct side effects on humans. But many scientists claim that this will greatly increase the amount of waste made by e-waste i.e. electronic things. Because when new 5G phones will come in the market, people will leave 4G and buy 5G phones. Due to which the old phones will go to the West. E-waste also emits very harmful radiation which harms animals. As long as these e-wastes remain on the earth, they will continue to harm us. Well, there is no danger to humans from 5G. But being around a cell phone will increase the temperature of the body due to radiation, which can destroy the cells of that area. This will not have any significant effect on humans. This claim has been made by a team of 240 scientists. It has also been told in it that not much can be said about 5G right now.