IT Staff Augmentation vs IT Consulting Services- Which is Better For You?


What exactly is the difference between IT Staff augmentation & IT consulting services? If you are curious about their differences, you are at the right place. IT staff augmentation simply means adding an extra resource into an in-house development team on an on-demand basis. The only exception is that, unlike traditional hiring, the staff augmentation recons only substitutes effectiveness of the resources, analogically to the outsourcing. 

These questions may arise in your thought “why staff augmentation? “Why not hire a few more people for the plan forever? A Simple answer to these problems is that you may not necessarily need to have a permanent pool of developers in your in-house team. You only need to have qualified resources who can complete your project within your specified time frame. 

Today, there is a surge in the demand for staff augmentation services and this trend is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years due to the scarcity of skilled resources.  Other factors that contribute to a rise in demand for staff augmentation are due to several market circumstances that include a decline in the availability of skilled professionals and corporate strategies defining hiring how to to blog.

Below are some of the key advantages of IT staff augmentation over IT consultation services:


By leveraging staff augmentation services, you only have to pay for the work that needs to be done. Staff augmentation services can also free you from the hassles that are associated with hiring a full-time resource into your development team.


Staying flexible in the market is sometimes even more significant than staying dominant. Versatility is a great feature associated with staff augmentation that accommodates you to reach the top positions in your organization area.


By maintaining an augmented staff, you will get full control of all the ins and out involved in your software development project. Your project manager can easily monitor who is designated to the critical work, and who is allotted to the trivial work and who is working on the crucial issues.

Lower risk

One of the key features of relying on staff augmentation services is the reduced risk that is associated with it. By leveraging staff augmentation services, you can minimize the control and status monitoring substantially to the very end of the development.

Counteracting friction

New reports have confirmed that up to 50% of the IT specialists are available to work and look for a different employer as the economy recovers. As a decline in the IT-sphere is determined during the economic recovery, the augmented staff will support you to fill the requirements of your software developers.

On the other hand, IT consulting companies are also designated “regulated services” because of the constant control, feedback, and great level of organization adaptation. These are very complicated services that indicate external control of one company’s non-profile system. Through this assistance, clients look ahead to the traditional outsourcing guidelines or hiring for short-term contractual staff to get the long-term interests that they require from the solutions associate. These are the additional help that will protect your day and with the advice of distributed services or consulting assistance you will be free from certain, but time-consuming tasks.

You will be free to concentrate on the right people and support the ideal thing and your imperative initiates will happen into the place all while improving efficiency and productivity. This assistance delivers more in the way of expense savings support which relatively rises as the business expands and the services increase and significantly diminish when further augmenting staff numbers are concerned.

Let’s learn some benefits of consulting services account by which you can get a clear vision about this help:


The initial and main objective of the consulting services is saving the time of their customers. Having free resources will assist the client company from unnecessary time and investment expenses.


The consulting services would not be accomplished if we don’t presume control and monitoring and that is not only about software but also generating business approaches directly.

Financial integrity

Standard services produced decrease by the businesspeople are preliminarily determined in the complex circumstances, which also has a preparatory formed price.

Flexible Infrastructure

By taking full accountability for the execution, the consulting services are also efficient for the means of management.

Constituents to Determine which is better: Consulting vs. Staff Augmentation

Are you looking for higher-level consulting in the structure of a decisive thinker who can understand the lead role in the overall management of the project? Then, you must learn the various factors given below to make the best choice among staff augmentation and consulting services as:

Know your people

You cannot resolve what type of external implementation you want without first evaluating the ability of your internal team, their intensity, and their vulnerability, and also assessing resources from other functions which may be open to you.

Consider the firms

Depending upon the specifics of your schemes, you have the opportunity of fastening a traditional consulting firm that will manage the complete project, present vision and expertise and manage day-to-day work with established deliverables.

Analyze the budget

The capitals which are designated to your projects can absolutely be a daunting circumstance when you decide the type of resource to bring in. Furthermore, you may want to bring in an additional 30 people for the project, to accommodate the resources adequately.

Think about backfilling

If you have workers who have expertise and knowledge in providing value-added negotiating and leadership for your project, then you are prepared to backfill, which would help you to get a sharper picture of how to move more.

Assume the market

Making yourself easy with the possible talent pool can have a meaningful impression on your resourcing outcomes. Talk to your staffing agency and have an extensive dialogue to train yourself on the market.


The choice of a proper model can be a little tough for business owners. While some businesses feel comfortable in accepting the IT staff augmentation services, some favor consulting. Despite the examples being quite similar, their purpose remains contradictory and so you have to make a judgment recognizing your business specifications & how they will suit your prevailing business necessity.