List of Best-Rated Virtual Team Bonding Activities for Remote Employees


COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in almost every facet and businesses are no exceptions. Businesses all around the world are forced to allow their employees to stay at home and work remotely. The organizations are taking all possible initiatives to keep their business together. 

Fortunately, the advent of technology has opened-up multiple prospects to manage things efficiently. Now that your business is being handled remotely, it is imperative to keep your team together and connected. 

Keeping that in mind, here we have put together a list of the best virtual team bonding activities that can indeed be helpful for your business. With the implementation of these tactics and strategies, you will be able to boost the productivity and morale of your teams. 

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Top Fun Virtual Team Bonding Activities for Your Employees

Virtual Happy Hour

I bet you have heard about co-workers making plans to hang out or go for drinks after work but all of that has now become a thing of the past. Since everyone is working remotely and can’t meet up in person, doing it virtually can be very useful. The virtual happy hour is the best activity for that. During Happy Hours, the employees can bring their own treats or customize one for themselves and bond virtually. It can be accommodated to any size team, all over the globe.

Virtual Escape Room for Your Team

This is one amazing brainstorming activity for the employees that challenge them to take an immersive adventure. The employees who will participate in this activity will be asked to solve some puzzles and tasks. This might make them feel that they are in a physical room and all of them share a common goal and that is to escape! The game is guided by a host in the room using a live camera feed. The team will have to pick up the clues to solve the puzzle and complete the mission. This activity provides the best opportunities for employees to communicate, bond, and learn.

Guess the Personal Facts Game

This is truly a great game that you can ask your employees to participate in. It will help them learn about the interests of their team members outside work. The manager can ask every team member to share personal facts about themselves. Compile them into a document and share it with all the team members. Next to every personal fact, you can leave a blank column so that employees can guess what fact belongs to which team member. This game will promote thriving team coherence and fellowship.

Share Your Bucket List Challenge

This bucket list comprises all the things that you aspire to do or experience in the lifetime. This list will share a lot of stuck about the teammates. Every week, you can designate one person to share bucket list ideas. By sharing bucket lists with employees, they can learn a lot about each other’s personalities and realize how they’re similar.

Building a Storyline

Everyone is fond of reading stories, right? Creating a story is one of the oldest and fun teams or group activities. Ask your employees to build a storyline together. Get the entire group and for a virtual circle. The first person will have to start a storyline with a sentence. The next individual will continue the story and the circle will keep moving. This would make a storyline full of creativity coming from different individuals. Practicing this activity would improve cooperation and collaboration. There would also be clear and effective collaboration.

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